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(Photos, Video) EPCOT Construction Update, Including Moana Journey of Water Mist and Water Testing

Hi everyone!

We were at EPCOT yesterday and took some photos and video from the ground of the Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana water mist and jumping fountains. We also took other photos/video from the ground and monorail of construction on CommuniCore Hall, CommuniCore Plaza and other areas. Cast Member previews begin July 25th! I didn’t rehash my photos from July 15th as many areas don’t look too different yet.

Here are our EPCOT photos and video from yesterday!

First, here is our video.

There was a lot of mist from the ground, I have photos where you can’t see much of this rock.

We also saw the dancing fountains over the wall. It was hot yesterday like most summer days, and the water looked very inviting.

Here is a photo from overhead of the mist.

We were walking to World Showcase and I took some photos along the way.

A lot of work was being done on various areas of CommuniCore Hall, which will include a demonstration kitchen and character meet and greets. This is all supposed to be completed later this year.

Here is another side of CommuniCore Hall.

Work was being done on a light.

CommuniCore Plaza is also taking shape.

Here are a handful of photos from the monorail. You can see more detail in the article I shared above from earlier this week.

More work has been done on the large central planter that is based on the five-ring logo of EPCOT. In the background is where Dreamer’s Point will be.

Here is a look at the concept art for the planter.

And here are more photos from the monorail.

More mist from Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana.

We will be at EPCOT next Wednesday and we may take another ride on the monorail to see if there are any changes.