shopDisney Adds New Ursula and Disney Princess Ear Headbands

Hi everyone!

shopDisney has added several new ear headbands for adults today – an Ursula Ear Headband, a Minnie Mouse Disney Princess Ear Headband and a Minnie Mouse Fall Leaves Ear Headband.

Read below for more information about each ear headband, with additional details on shopDisney while they remain available.

Ursula Ear Headband for Adults – The Little Mermaid

Wrap your arms around the sea-ductive style of this Ursula ear headband.

Inspired by the Disney animated classic The Little Mermaid, its special die-cut details, including glittery arms, gold crown and Ursula’s signature blonde coif, are very fortunate indeed. Wear it and feel bewitching.

Minnie Mouse Disney Princess Ear Headband with Sequined Bow for Adults

Dreams dare to come true when wearing this Minnie Mouse ear headband crowned by a golden sequined bow.

The satin, padded ears enchant passers-by with a collage of pretty Disney Princesses printed in golden ink.

Minnie Mouse Fall Leaves Ear Headband for Adults

At last, autumn! Cooler days, sweater weather and this Minnie Mouse Fall Leaves ear headband. There’s a nice bling to it, especially with the sequined bow, gold trim and allover glittery falling leaves pattern on the padded ears. It’s perfect for celebrating the season in style, favorite spiced latté in hand, of course.





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