shopDisney Adds Disney+ Special Access “Star Wars: Ahsoka” Merchandise Including Lightsaber Set, Loungefly

Hi everyone!

shopDisney has added Disney+ Special Access for Star Wars: Ahsoka merchandise. The series is now streaming on Disney+!

U.S. Disney+ subscribers receive special access now through August 31st to select product releases (while supplies last) inspired by the new story in the epic saga.

Items in this new “Star Wars: Ahsoka” collection include a Ahsoka Tano Legacy Lightsaber Set and an Ahsoka Tano Loungefly Mini Backpack.

Here are five of the items currently available at shopDisney with the Disney+ Special Access for Star Wars: Ahsoka, with additional items and details at shopDisney while they remain available.

Ahsoka Tano Legacy LIGHTSABER Set – Star Wars

Feel at one with the Force with this pair of Ahoska Tano Legacy Lightsabers. Ahsoka, former Padawan to Anakin Skywalker and a veteran in the battle of the Clone Wars, is known for her strong leadership and skill.

This detailed set of reproductions features a Single-Bladed Lightsaber and Shoto Saber, with their distinctive curved hilts and white blades, and includes impact sensors and unique impact sound effects.

Ahsoka Tano Loungefly Mini Backpack – Star Wars: Ahsoka

Powerfully stylish, this Ahsoka Tano mini backpack by Lougefly is inspired by the great warrior, rebel and Jedi. Instantly recognizable by Ahsoka’s signature markings and lekku, this simulated leather carryall is crafted with a fan’s exacting eye, from the string of beads inspired by the silka beads Ahsoka wears on her belt to the stitched likeness of akul teeth on her headdress. Featuring signature Loungefly elements like a roomy main compartment, front zippered pocket and side slip pockets, this backpack is made to complement your own fearless spirit.

Ahsoka Tano Pullover Hoodie for Women – Star Wars: Ahsoka

Fans of Ahsoka Tano can imagine themselves as the former Jedi Padawan when wearing this pullover hoodie. Featuring the familiar stripes of the Force-sensitive Togruta female on the sleeves and hood, it has large shoulder cut-outs, making it a fitting and fashionable tribute to the Disney+ series Star Wars: Ahsoka.

Chopper (C1-10P) Interactive Remote Control Astromech Droid – Star Wars: Ahsoka

C1-10P, more commonly known as Chopper, is the sarcastic and cranky resident astromech droid of the Ghost VCX-100 light freighter. Now you can take him under your wing as this Interactive Remote Control figure. The highly detailed reproduction of the Star Wars character features light and sound effects and removable arms. Chopper can be maneuvered around using the controller device which can also change the droid’s expression, which will inevitably change yours! 

Ahsoka Tano Plush Doll – Star Wars: Ahsoka – 16”

Hero. Rebel. Snuggler. This super soft Ahsoka Tano plush doll inspires cuddles from here to Coruscant and back again. From her montrals, lekku and signature markings, this cuddly doll features embroidered details and glittering accents that are sure to inspire your little Jedi to dream of adventures across the galaxy.


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