Disneyland Paris

Jack and Sally Meet Together at Disneyland Paris for Halloween 2023 (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Jack and Sally are now meeting together at Disneyland Paris for the first time in many years during the 2023 Halloween season. It was really nice to see them both yesterday at the Phantom Manor gazebo. In recent years, only Jack Skellington has met here during Disney’s Halloween Festival. They are extremely popular with multi-hour waits, just like at Walt Disney World.

Here is our video with Jack and Sally, followed by photos.

Jack and Sally pose for photos.

Jack and Sally are probably the most popular characters to meet right now, and it was a really nice meet and greet experience yesterday.

Here are a few more photos of Jack and Sally.

Sally was very kind to our friend yesterday and I just wanted to mention that.

I know I’ll be asked about avoiding the wait times but right now the parks are pretty busy and I don’t see a way around a lengthy wait. If the midweek gets a bit slower, maybe. But expect to queue up for them for at least a couple of hours right now. They have a lot of fans! And this year “The Nightmare Before Christmas” turns 30, and there is even more focus on them than usual.

Disney’s Halloween Festival runs through November 5th, 2023.