Disneyland Paris

Mickey’s Halloween Celebration Parade and Show Returns to Disneyland Paris (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Mickey’s Halloween Celebration parade with its energetic show in Central Plaza is back for 2023, with a couple of changes. This is always one of my favorite Disney parades, with a terrific soundtrack and performers.

Here are photos and video from several viewings of Mickey’s Halloween Celebration! First, our full video with the Phantom and Melanie stage.

Daisy Duck always takes the lead in the parade, with a “Miss Harvest 2023” sash.

Mickey’s Halloween Celebration is not just a Halloween parade, but an autumn parade with a harvest theme. Donald Duck is on a float with corn and fall leaves (and other performers).

We have experienced the parade from a number of locations so far, including from in Central Plaza.


Scrooge McDuck is on the back of the float.

Goofy and Max are new to the parade this year, dressed in western attire. They replace the Three Little Pigs, who no longer are in the parade.

Goofy and Max also take to one of four stages during the show stop in Central Plaza. I always enjoy watching shows from this area.

Here is our video of Goofy and Max on stage.

Horace and Clarabelle are up next.

The Winnie the Pooh characters are next on this float.

Acorn themed lanterns can be seen above Tigger.

Piglet waves to the crowd. There are pumpkin and mushrooms surrounding him.

Rabbit and Eeyore are also on the float.

Performers dressed as mushrooms follow behind.

The next performers are dressed in purple and orange, as Minnie is in the next photos.

Minnie stands on a huge harvest themed float. You can see Mickey on the Mickey’s Illusion Manor float in the background, and also the Phantom and Melanie below.

A Mickey balloon is behind Minnie in this photo. Her dress looks like autumn leaves.

Mickey’s Illusion Manor is the last float, and includes ballroom dancers.

Mickey appears in several different costumes.

The Phantom and Melanie are next to a gargoyle Pluto.

One of the Central Plaza stages includes Mickey, and there are fireworks during most show stops (except in inclement weather).

Here is our video of Mickey on stage.

And yet another stage includes the Phantom and Melanie.

Huey, Dewey and Louie are dressed as little devils.

The performers holding the rope at the end also dance on stage during the show stop.

And here are a couple photos of Mickey on the float!

We expect to see the Mickey’s Halloween Celebration at least a couple of more times from different angles during our visit. The parade is always a bit different depending where you see it, but I always recommend a viewing in Central Plaza!

I expect to have a longer article with more photos once our trip is over.