Disneyland Paris

New Disneyland Paris Adult Character Hoodies Include Stitch, Marie and Lotso

Hi everyone!

New Disneyland Paris character hoodies appeared this past week as the weather turned a bit cooler – Lotso, Dale, Marie and Stitch! These are adult hoodies and the hoods feature the characters.

Here is a look at all four Disneyland Paris character hoodies! They cost 56 € each.

Each of the character hoodies features not only the head of the character as the hood, but a silhouette of the character on the chest.

There is also a tag on each one, including this Lotso tag.

Next is Dale. I don’t know why there isn’t a Chip version as well, since two guests together might like to wear one of each.

A silhouette of both Chip and Dale are on the chest.

There is an acorn on the tag.


Stitch is sure to be popular.

Stitch is on the chest.

And a flower is on the tag.

The last Disneyland Paris character hoodie is Marie.

Marie is in silhouette on the chest.

And there is a ribbon and bow on the tag.

Disneyland Paris loves having characters on adult merchandise! The adult character hoodies are a lot of fun and I expect we’ll see a few around the parks before the end of our trip (though it isn’t too cool here yet).