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Concept Art: Disney Symphony of Colors at Disneyland Paris to Feature Drone Sequence Inspired by Main Street Electrical Parade

Hi everyone!

Disney Symphony of Colors will debut at Disneyland Paris on January 8th, 2024 with a series of new experiences. The first will be an electric parade in the sky, including a drone sequence inspired by the Main Street Electrical Parade! It will be similar to Disney D-Light in that it will not replace Disney Dreams. New concept art has been shared!

The concept art features Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, along with the Darling children in silhouette and the Jolly Roger.

Read below for more information from Disneyland Paris.

New: in 2024, Disney Symphony of Colours is coming to Disneyland® Park with a series of exciting experiences. Here’s a glimpse of the first novelty that will be launched on January 8: an electric parade in the sky, with a drone sequence inspired by the iconic Main Street Electrical Parade that will illuminate the sky with a palette of brilliant colours this winter. This new night-time experience will also combine fountains, lights and projections.

The original information about the drone show said,

This exceptional lineup will kick off in the most spectacular way, as a brand-new nighttime sequence will give guests the feeling of seeing a parade flying above the resort! Every day at nightfall, guests will be invited to gather in front of the Castle to embark on a dazzling journey featuring a magical combination of fountains, lights, video projections, and synchronized drones that will draw animated floats in the air as a nod to an iconic experience that once lit up the night at Disneyland Paris.

We are planning to be back in January and look forward to seeing the new drone show!