Disney 100th Anniversary Rubik’s Cube Available to Order

Hi everyone!

A Disney 100th Anniversary Rubik’s Cube is available to order! The platinum 3×3 cube features classic and modern Disney characters and celebrates 100 years of the Walt Disney Company.

Read below for more information on the Disney 100th Anniversary Rubik’s Cube, with additional details on Amazon and at other retailers while it remains available.

Disney 100th Anniversary Rubik’s Cube

  • CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF WONDER: From one generation to the next, the greatest stories live forever. Bringing you the Disney100 Rubik’s Cube- because you made this dream come true.
  • PLATINUM 3X3 CUBE: You will love the metallic twist on the classic 3×3 Rubik’s Cube. This Disney puzzle also features imagery of classic and modern Disney characters from your favorite films.

  • AUTHENTIC RUBIK’S PRODUCT: Whether you are searching for brain games, adult fidget toys, puzzle games, or brain teaser puzzles- you can count on Rubik’s for time-tested fascinating challenges.
  • ORIGINAL RUBIK’S: This fidget cube is a 3D puzzle speed cube for stress relief and fun. For travel games, or teen boys gift ideas- this anxiety relief fidget toy is the perfect fidget pack adult toy.

  • SPIN MASTER GAMES: We have coffee table ready board games for adults, board games for kids 8-12, 1000 piece puzzle for adults, family games, yard games, game room decor, & your fave brands!
  • Includes 1 Disney Rubik’s Cube
  • Covered by the Spin Master Care Commitment. See below for full details


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