shopDisney Adds Cuddleez Plush Including Jack Skellington, Angel, Sven

Hi everyone!

shopDisney added new Cuddleez plush today, including a Jack Skellington Cuddleez Plush, Sven Cuddleez Plush and an Angel Cuddleez Plush! Cuddleez Plush are popular plush figures.

Here are five of the new Cuddleez Plush added to shopDisney today, with additional details (and additional plush), on shopDisney while they remain available.

Jack Skellington Cuddleez Plush – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Soul mates of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas will be able to rest in peace when taking a nap with this Jack Skellington Cuddleez Plush. With embroidered details and spongey, super-soft stuffing, he’s destined to become a flat out favorite.

Sven Cuddleez Plush – Frozen – Large 24 1/2”

Even reindeer need a nap. This adorable Sven Cuddleez plush, inspired by Kristoff’s best pal in Disney’s Frozen, is caught grabbing a little shut eye. His sweet embroidered features and a super-soft, spongey filling make him a warm and snuggly nap time or cozy time companion.

Angel Cuddleez Plush – Lilo & Stitch – Large 25”

Angel has her eyes closed as she rests her antennae and dreams of her sweetheart Stitch. This large, soft huggable Cuddleez plush provides the perfect nap companion for your own little angel.

Mickey Mouse Cuddleez Plush – Large 23”

Mickey is cuter than ever as a soft and squishy Cuddleez plush in his traditional red pants with velvety fabric and springy foam fill. Welcome him to your own wonderful world!


Minnie is sweeter than ever as a soft and squishy Cuddleez plush in her pink polka dot dress with velvety fabric and springy foam fill. Welcome her to your own wonderful world!



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