Disneyland Paris

We Meet Chip and Dale at Disneyland Paris for Halloween Time 2023 (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

We were at Disneyland Paris for several weeks, including to enjoy the Halloween offerings this month (The Halloween Festival runs from October 1st – November 5th, 2023). Among the character meet and greets we waited for was Chip and Dale in ghost costumes that they debuted in last year.

Here are our photos and video of Chip and Dale (Tic et Tac in French) in their Halloween costumes at Disneyland Paris!

This is our video of Chip and Dale.

Last year, Chip and Dale met guests in Town Square. This year, they are in Adventureland. The line seemed a lot shorter here than at the Town Square gazebo. We waited still maybe 45 minutes.

Chip and Dale are dressed in their spooky purple and white best.

Our friend brought a Duffy with him, and they took the Duffy to pose.

Dale even looks like he’s holding Duffy up like in “The Lion King”.

Dale holds his hand up in a spooky pose.

We had a photo taken with Chip and Dale.

Chip and Dale are always a fun meet!

It is hard to believe there are only about two weeks left for Halloween at Disneyland Paris, it is always a fast season (5 weeks vs. almost 3 months at Walt Disney World). We always enjoy visiting during the Halloween Festival.