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Hotel Santa Fe Halloween Decorations Include Scary the Scare-Car at Disneyland Paris – 2023

Hi everyone!

The Hotel Santa Fe at Disneyland Paris added Scary the Scare-Car to its Halloween decorations this year, cementing its connection with Cars Land at the Disneyland Resort for the spooky season. Last year, the resorts of Disneyland Paris joined in the Halloween fun with their own unique decorations.

Here are photos from earlier this month!

The Halloween billboard features Lightning McQueen and Sally in Radiator Springs, with Halloween additions.

The decorations here are similar to in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure.

Here is an official photo of a similar Cars Land decoration.

 (Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort)

Scary the Scare-Car is near the entrance to Hotel Santa Fe. There are cones that are similar to the Cozy Cones at Disney California Adventure surrounding the car so guests can’t get too close as easily.

License plates are strung on the car.

On the back, it says 5 KARY.

Here is a look at Scary the Scare-Car at Disney California Adventure this year, including the Cars Land Halloween billboard.

We posed with Scary the Scare-Car at Disney California Adventure in September.

It was fun to see the new addition to the Hotel Santa Fe Halloween decorations this year! We always enjoy Halloween at Disneyland Paris (and at the Disneyland Resort).