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A Look at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Halloween Decorations – Disneyland Paris 2023

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Sequoia Lodge is one of a number of Disneyland Paris resorts that have Halloween decorations in 2023! We visited Disneyland Paris for several weeks from September into October, and have photos to share.

Last year, the resorts of Disneyland Paris began decorating more for the Halloween season. Giant pumpkins were included at several resorts, including Disney’s Seqouia Lodge. And this year, that pumpkin with Bambi, Thumper and Flower is back.

Not only do we see Bambi, Flower and Thumper on the giant pumpkin, but there are smaller (regular sized) pumpkins below in the ring of flowers. There is purple colored grass surrounding the pumpkins and autumn flowers.

There are a number of circles in the grass at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, surrounded by various colors (here purple and then yellow in the background).

An orange ring surrounds this display that includes gourds. Halloween at Disneyland Paris is different than at our domestic parks in that it is very much harvest themed.


There is also a small amount of orange Halloween garland above the doors here.

And from the deck of Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, you can see the floral circle displays all over the grass. These arrived before the big pumpkin did. I thought at first that this would be the extent of the Halloween decorations.

While we were at Disneyland Paris, many of the trees were starting to turn for autumn. It wasn’t as quick as last year because of how warm the weather was most days.

What do you think about the Halloween decorations at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge? Our next photos will be of the decor at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne.

We do visit Disneyland Paris almost every year during the Halloween season because it’s a wonderful time of year to visit. And I love watching as autumnal decorations are added at the parks and resorts.