Book Review – “Disney Wish: A Guided Wishing Journal”

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I received “Disney Wish: A Guided Wishing Journal” to review from Insight Editions. “Wish” is an animated musical comedy from Walt Disney Animation Studios that will release in theaters on November 22nd, 2023. The journal releases on November 21st and is one of the books from my article with 11 Books Coming From Disney “Wish”.

Disney Wish: A Guided Wishing Journal” feels like a quality book upon receiving it. The cover is purple and features Star and there are 224 pages with archival paper. The back says “Wishes Come True”.

This is a very nicely laid-out journal with artwork of Asha, Star, Valentino and more characters featured on the right hand lower corner of the right side pages. The journal features “fifty-two weeks of prompts” – two types each week, including one-line-a-day journaling and the other type is for reflection through writing, coloring, list making and more. There is plenty of room for reflection and writing down thoughts and wishes.

For example, during Week 1, there is a small daily area to write daily hopes and desires. The next pages have more room to write about one wish you’d like to come true this year. There are small spoilers throughout about the film (quite a lot of them), so the reader will want to see the movie first.

Week 4 includes Coloring Meditations. There is a scene to color with Asha and Valentino, and then large bubbles to decorate on the following pages (plus room to write).

Week 5 says to think about the people and pets in your life who bring you the most joy, and write what they did and how it made you feel.

Disney Wish: A Guided Wishing Journal encourages mindful reading and thinking. It is a lovely journal that would make a nice gift for a “Wish” fan. I was going to pass this along but I may even use it in 2024.

Read below for official details on “Disney Wish: A Guided Wishing Journal“.

Disney Wish: A Guided Wishing Journal

Capture the dreams that you wish will come true in this beautifully illustrated, year-long guided journal inspired by Disney’s Wish!

Harness the strength, hope, and joy of Disney’s Wish with guided prompts inspired by the film. This year-long journal includes full color illustrations from the film that will provide a beautiful backdrop for your deepest wishes.

GUIDED PROMPTS: Asha, Star—and sometimes even Valentino!—guide you with a new prompt or exercise each week. Write, color, make lists, draw, fill in the blanks, create connections, and so much more as you explore and manifest your thoughts and wishes over an entire year.

JOURNAL WITH WISH: This beautiful journal brings the magic of Wish to every dreamer.

A YEAR OF WISHING: Featuring daily writing exercises, free-writing prompts, creative/drawing prompts, quotes from the film, list-making activities, coloring meditations, and more, this journal will guide you toward making your wishes come true.

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