shopDisney Adds Mickey Mouse Handcar by Lionel (Disney100)

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shopDisney has added the Mickey Mouse Handcar by Lionel, a special Disney100 edition of Lionel’s No. 1100 Mickey Mouse Handcar. The original sold in 1934 and sold more than 25,0000 pieces! This is created in collaboration with Lionel.

Read below for more information on the Mickey Mouse Handcar by Lionel, with additional details at shopDisney while it remains available.


As part of their 100th anniversary celebrations, Disney, in collaboration with Lionel, introduces this special Disney100 edition of Lionel’s No. 1100 Mickey Mouse Handcar. The original sold more than 250,000 pieces during the holiday season of 1934, establishing the company’s reputation in the model train market. Just like the original, this new edition operates using a wind-up mechanism and includes a circle of two-rail track. The handcar is made of stamped metal with resin Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse affixed figures and cast metal wheels – the same as the original 1930s toy.

  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Certificate of Authenticity is uniquely numbered and signed by Lionel CEO Howard Hitchcock
  • Reproduction of Lionel’s original No. 1100 Mickey Mouse Handcar from 1934
  • Handcar features hand-painted Mickey and Minnie figures
  • Includes eight pieces of two-rail tubular track forming a circle
  • All-metal handcar construction
  • Clockwork mechanism
  • Metal Mickey icon key with Lionel logo and ”Disney 100 Years of Wonder” for winding the clockwork motor
  • Locking lever to hold the clockwork motor still
  • Dinging bell
  • Includes booklet that tells the Lionel and Disney story, along with the history of how the two companies worked together to create this special car, including rare archival images and documents from the Disney vault
  • Comes in special Disney100 packaging
  • Part of the Disney100 Celebration Collections

  • Ages 3+
  • Handcar: stamped metal
  • Wheels: cast metal
  • Mickey and Minnie figures: resin
  • Track: O gauge
  • Minimum curve: O27
  • Handcar: 8” L


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