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Disney’s BoardWalk Gingerbread Display Features BoardWalk Deli Theme, Orange Bird Surprise for 2023

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort Gingerbread Display went up on Friday! I was there as finishing touches were being added to the area. This is a new gingerbread display for this year featuring the BoardWalk Deli (formerly the BoardWalk Bakery) and even includes an Orange Bird surprise!

Here are photos from Friday of Disney’s Boardwalk Resort Gingerbread Display.

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort Gingerbread Display includes 184 pounds of whole rye flour, 184 pounds of light rye flour, 170 pounds of bread flour, 168 eggs, 142 pounds of granulated sugar and 42 pounds of powdered sugar.

Other ingredients include 22 gallons of honey, 6 pounds of ammonium carbonate, 11 pounds of lebkuchen, 4 gallons of egg whites, 1 pound of cream of tartar, and 30 pounds of fondant. There is a heaping spoonful of magic, a sprinkle of Pixie Dust and 210 hours of decorating by the bakery elves!

The house includes Donald and Daisy, as well as Pluto and Goofy in the windows.

Mickey and Minnie are inside. Mickey appears to be baking, and Minnie decorating a gingerbread house.

Mickey holds up a plate of cookies.

There are small gingerbread cookies, croissants and more nearby.

Mickey’s Festive Treats features what I assume are names of Cast Members and what they are baking. Also, Walt has the apple pie.

The gingerbread house features a Mickey head on it.

Here is a closer look at the windows, which also include small peppermint Mickey heads.

A clock with Mickey heads is above Donald, Daisy and a door. I was told to wait until the hour struck and see what came out of the door.

It is Orange Bird!

Here is the video I took that includes Orange Bird.

Here is a closer look at the clock.

Goofy is inside the BoardWalk Deli, with the window that says “Hue G. Krazont”. There are some nice puns here from the real shop.

A number of trees features items specific to the location, including this one that has croissants, coffee and cheese.

The sign says “We’re Rolling in Dough” and “Come on In!”.

“You’re Never Bored at the BoardWalk Bakery”.

There is a Disney100 tree.

Mickey, Minnie and more characters are on the tree and also at the top.

This tree includes sweet treats.

This side of Disney’s Boardwalk Resort Gingerbread Display includes a green wreath.

The wreath includes ornaments and character heads including Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto.

There is also a wreath on the other side of the house and a “Happy Holidays” sign.

Mickey heads, gingerbread and other sweet treats are on this wreath.

They were setting up the gingerbread merchandise while I was there. One item is a BoardWalk gingerbread ornament for $24.99.

There is a BoardWalk gingerbread pin.

The price list was not yet out for the items, but I will check it out when I have a chance. There was peppermint bark.

Christmas tree pops.

Gingerbread shingles.

Mickey and Minnie themed cookies (maybe gingerbread), in the same design as merchandise this year.

A cookie with what looks like caramel popcorn.

Alcohol was out for drinks, and there was drinking chocolate nearby (so I assumed it was for hot chocolate).

The Christmas tree is up near Disney’s BoardWalk Resort Gingerbread Display.

What do you think of Disney’s BoardWalk Gingerbread Display this year? I thought the Orange Bird surprise was quite fun! And Disney’s BoardWalk bakery team did a wonderful job on the display.

We will have much more from holidays at Walt Disney World this week!

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