Loungefly ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sally Heart Mini Backpack – Exclusive

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An exclusive Loungefly Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Heart Mini Backpack has been added to I think this will be VERY popular, I am a huge “The Nightmare Before Christmas” fan and love the patchwork design with the heart shape. You can also find more “The Nightmare Before Christmas” merchandise as well on, including the exclusive Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Santa Tree Topper.

Here are the details about the Loungefly Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Heart Mini Backpack, with additional details at while it remains available.

Loungefly Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Heart Mini Backpack

Frightfully Fashionable

Let’s take a journey to Halloween Town, where the moonlight paints haunting shadows and the air is always filled with a hint of magic. Sally, the Nightmare Before Christmas rag doll with a heart of gold, steals the show! Now, with this Loungefly Sally Heart Mini Backpack, you can carry a piece of that whimsical world everywhere, making every day feel like October 31st.

Design & Details

Every stitch, pattern, and design detail on this backpack screams Halloween Town, capturing the essence of Sally’s iconic patchwork dress. Made from faux leather, its heart-shaped silhouette is adorned with a patchwork pattern. The smaller heart on the front, framing Sally’s contemplative image, ensures that the backpack is more than just a simple accessory. From the small carry loop on top to the adjustable shoulder straps, each element combines functionality with fantastical fashion.

Dare To Dream

Whether you’re headed to class, traveling to unknown destinations, or simply taking a stroll through your very own “Halloween Town”, this Nightmare Before Christmas backpack is the perfect companion. Its rich, movie-inspired design ensures you always have a piece of the enchanting world with you. Grab this bag and let Sally’s spirit guide your every adventure!



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