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(Video) “Wish” Press Junket Highlights, Including a Visit to Walt Disney’s Office

Hi everyone!

We sent our California reporter to the Disney “Wish” movie press conference press junket, which included a wonderful opportunity of visiting Walt Disney’s suite of offices as well as getting a chance to lend his voice to Valentino. “Wish” arrives in theaters on November 22nd, 2023! Also shown in this video is “Wish” merchandise, much of what we have been posting about for the last two months. Our reporter enjoyed “Wish” and plans to see it again soon.

Here is the video with the highlights of the Disney “Wish” junket!

Also, here are a few photos from Walt Disney’s suite of offices. We do have more photos, and I may create an article with them separately in the near future. This was a wonderful opportunity!

Our reporter says to look for the Easter eggs in Disney “Wish”. Jeff and I have not seen it yet but I expect to next week. We are looking forward to it! I feel like I already know so much about the movie.

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