Disneyland Paris

A Look at the Exclusive Disneyland Hotel Clock Figure That Will be for Sale Soon at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

One of the most coveted items at the Disneyland Hotel (where we are currently) in Disneyland Paris is the iconic Mickey Mouse clock figure, inspired by the front entrance clock for the Disneyland Hotel as guests enter Disneyland Paris.  The clock is not yet for sale unfortunately or we may have purchased one, and we know others here who were hoping to purchase it on opening day.

The Disneyland Hotel Mickey Mouse clock figure is on display in a window inside the Disneyland Hotel. Only guests staying at the Disneyland Hotel can purchase it when it goes on sale.

Here is a look at the figure.

The sign says that the Mickey Mouse clock figure will be available soon, and is an exclusive of the Disneyland Hotel.

The clock is beautiful! It also features Tinker Bell on the top as the weathervane – another iconic sight in real life.

Here is a look at the side.

This is the other side of the clock. We can’t see the back.

The figure will cost $149.00 according to the sign.

I hope that the Disneyland Hotel clock figure will be available soon! It was disappointing to be able to see it but not purchase it. Most of the merchandise at the Disneyland Hotel wasn’t of interest to me (we did purchase the plush, a keychain, and a pin), but this would have been a possible purchase for us – only dependent if we had room in our luggage.