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Review: La Table de Lumière in the Disneyland Hotel Offers Royal Couple Dining at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

We stayed for opening night in the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris and dined at both restaurants. We have already reviewed the Royal Banquet for lunch, and now I am reviewing La Table de Lumière for dinner. La Table de Lumière is a fine dining location, although most guests were not dressed up (during our visit, guests mostly wore general winter park clothing). The restaurant is currently exclusive just for Disneyland Hotel guests.

La Table de Lumière is also a character dining experience, just as the Royal Banquet is. Three sets of Disney prince and princesses were at the meal, and the characters will not always be the same.

 Here is our video overview, with the review following.

Here is our review of La Table de Lumière!

La Table de Lumière is located next to the Royal Banquet.

A bouquet of roses was in the check-in area.

After we checked in, we passed by an open kitchen.

We were seated in the main dining area, where the Beauty and the Beast rotating sculpture is.

La Table de Lumière is open only for dinner. The restaurant does feel like the Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy, I felt like I was on a cruise while we were dining here (and in the hotel as a whole).

Here is a closer look at the sculpture.

We had our visits from all three royal couples before we received our appetizer. That allowed us to dine after meeting the Disney characters. I don’t know if that is how the meet and greet aspect is usually done.

All of the Disney royal couples are wearing new, exclusive costumes for the Disneyland Hotel – not just the princesses.

Belle’s costume has a lot of orange in it.

Belle and her prince posed for photos.

Before our next visit, I took a look at the menu.

The price for La Table de Lumière is 120 € for adults (and 60 € for children), and includes a starter, a main and a dessert. It is a very simple menu with two pages (for food) and no drink is included for the price.

Next, Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip arrived.

They posed and showed us their new costumes for the hotel.

Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora look at each other.

Prince Phillip also posed by himself.

For drinks, Jeff ordered a Grimbergen Rouge. We don’t see the rouge flavor in restaurants as often, but we do buy it at the grocery here in France.

Next, Cinderella and Prince Charming were the last couple to visit our table.

They talked to us and posed for photos in their new costumes.

Cinderella and Prince Charming look at each other.

Our meal started after the characters came to our table. We first received an amuse-bouche, which had a pumpkin/squash topping and apple pieces underneath. It was quite good and a few of us said we’d have liked it as a full-size appetizer.

For a starter, Jeff ordered the European Lobster with white cabbage remoulade. There was a butterfly flourish on top. He thought there was quite a bit more lobster than he expected and said it was very high quality.

Here is a closer look at the lobster.

The rest of our table ordered the Mushroom Velouté with peppered Isigny cream, sourdough bread croutons and toasted hazelnut chips. This is like a soup but in France, velouté is a sauce. Either way, I love mushrooms and am glad I ordered this to start with. I am not sure if this is an homage to “the grey stuff”, but it was mentioned at our table.

For our mains, one member of our party ordered the Quercy farm herb-crusted roast lamb, artichoke ravioli, and black truffle milk foam. He enjoyed this main.

Jeff and I ordered the Roast Montbéliarde beef with potato ribbons, sweet onion cream and Merlot jus. The presentation was beautiful and unique, but my beef was a bit on the tough side. Jeff’s was more tender.

The Merlot jus was poured on top.

The “flowers” on top of the potatoes were pretty. The steak was fine (except having a hard time cutting through mine without pressure).

Another friend ordered the Farm Chicken cooked two ways and confit potato, herby roast chicken breast and poached leg with supreme sauce and would recommend it.

Dessert soon arrived, and there are some wonderful choices for adults and kids. This Enchanted Ball Cake with white chocolate ganache, vanilla pear insert and Dacquoise biscuit was lovely. Everyone enjoyed it.

I chose the Royal Indulgence, which is creamy chocolate with basil, thin sheets of dark chocolate and caramelized almonds. This is so good if you love chocolate (and I do). There is also a white cream here, and the combination works very well.

A fleur-de-lys symbol is on top – the symbol is seen throughout the hotel.

I can also show the children’s desserts, which right now can only be ordered by children. I hope that will change – they are both wonderful!

The first dessert is the Enchanted Rose, with with vanilla bavarois, red berry mousse and almond biscuit.

This is the Cogsworth’s Swiss Roll dessert with vanilla white chocolate and strawberry roll.

Here is the menu for children.

La Table de Lumière children's menu

We also purchased the La Table de Lumière spoon for 50€. It is a lot of money for a collector’s spoon, but we didn’t buy too much at the hotel boutique (a keychain, a pin and some tea).

Cinderella and Prince Charming leave the room.

We had a very nice experience at La Table de Lumière. This is a great location if you want to meet royal couples, and the food was good (although I mentioned my steak was unexpectedly on the tough side). I think for many guests, the main reason to be here is to meet the royal couples and it is a wonderful location for that.

I will be adding a little more information to this article, but I wanted to post it while the evening was fresh in my mind. We did pay for our hotel night and meals.