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Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Room with Terrace Tour (Photos, Video) – “Sleeping Beauty” Theme

Hi everyone!

I am continuing my series of Disneyland Hotel articles from our opening night stay at Disneyland Paris. The Disneyland Hotel reopened on January 25th, 2024 after a royal reimagining. We booked a Deluxe Room with Terrace for opening night (and also were on our friends’ reservation a couple of days later in a Superior Family Room).

Here is a look at the Deluxe Room with Terrace with a “Sleeping Beauty” theme, and our room experience.

First, here is our video tour of the Deluxe room.

#3080 was our third try with a guest room on January 25th. We arrived at 8:30 a.m. and visited the Deluxe Concierge not long after. We were told it would be about one hour until our room was ready. At some point, we found out that wasn’t going to happen and they had to prepare another room. We then ended up in room #3079 at about 4:00 p.m., which had a non-working magic portrait and some other issues.

Thank goodness for the Deluxe Lounge and the wonderful Cast Members there, we spent a lot of time waiting that day and also enjoying the Royal Banquet restaurant. We entered our final room after 8:00 p.m. There are other aspects of the Deluxe area that are not complete yet, like the Deluxe concierge desk in the West wing to help keep guests from a 15-minute round trip to the lobby. I am saving that for an overview article in the coming week.

I was glad to have a room with portraits that worked. Also, our view was better here. It wasn’t great, but we could hear music and see a bit of the Disneyland Hotel.

The Deluxe room is spacious for Europe (as are the Superior rooms). I am not sure of the square footage, I have seen conflicting sizes.

There are a variety of seating options.

The icons in the carpet represent various Disney stories, like the rose from “Beauty and the Beast”.

Next is the lamp from “Aladdin”.

The apple from “Snow White” is here.

And also the slipper from “Cinderella”.

The TV flips through various scenes from the portraits, including “Sleeping Beauty”. Our name should have been there, but it just says “Family”.

There are two portraits over the bed. One has the Fairy Godmothers, the other Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip.

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather work their magic. This is a look at the portrait before the magic actually happens.

And this is the Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip portrait before we turned the magic on.

The sign here says to press the magic wand once for 40 seconds of magic.

There is a canopy above that helps set the scene.

This is a look at the Fairy Godmothers portrait.

And here is a look at the Sleeping Beauty and Princess Phillip portrait.

There is an icon of the Cinderella Coach in the canopy.

The lights change colors, pink and blue.

Now, on to other room features. My favorite item is probably the notebook with Disneyland hotel pen.

There were a few nice takeaways from the stay (although nothing extra for being there opening night).

There is a bench below the television, and ours included a large footprint (literally).

There is a small desk with chair.

The Tangled mirror was first revealed in 2021. We have an article from when the Disneyland Hotel began the royal reimagining. The mirror is nice! You can buy a Tangled mirror inspired by this one when it is available in the Royal Collection Boutique. It has been very popular.

Here is a look at the television and seating area, and there is a box that opens on the right. Also, I know most guests won’t be staying more than a night or two, but there really isn’t much storage space in the room at all. It would be nice to have some shelves and more drawers.

Here is a look at the box, and then we open it.

There is a kettle, Lavazza capsule coffee maker and ice container.

There is also a card explaining these items.

Open the drawer here and you’ll find cups, glasses and items to make Lavazza coffee, Betjeman & Barton tea and Monbana hot chocolate.

I like the Monbana hot chocolate, I first discovered it at the Golden Forest Club in Disney’s Sequoia Lodge.

There is a small assortment of Betjeman & Barton tea.

There is a small refrigerator. There was supposed to be a starter set of drinks and snacks, but our refrigerator was empty.

The bathrobes to use in the closet are pretty nice, and we used them for the Crystal Pool.

There were also slippers, shoe mitts and a sewing kit.

The slippers feature the Disneyland Hotel logo.

An umbrella was in the closet.

It is available for purchase. I actually like it, but it would be large for our luggage.

The bathroom includes a shower/tub.

The sink has a “The Little Mermaid” inspired mirror.

Sebastian is at the top.

Seashells are in the corner.

I was expecting an elevated set of amenities for club level, but these are the same as our friends had in the Superior room.

There is a Disneyland Hotel lotion, soap and a few other items like a hair bonnet.

I don’t know who makes the shampoo products. I will say that when I went swimming at the Crystal Pool, I took a shower there to try the Clarins product (and they smelled amazing).

There is a towel rack.

The toilet is behind a separate door.

If you need to call for a new pillow, you can do it from the toilet.

I wanted to use the terrace for a few minutes, even though it was cold out. I enjoyed hearing the music from Fantasia Gardens. It had been a long day and it was almost bedtime by the time we entered the room.

This terrace view is actually better at night. But this was a lot better than our first room. I don’t know what I was thinking really, though, booking a terrace in January. 🙂

There is a Do Not Disturb sign.

I have read on booking websites that there should be nightly turndown service, but it wasn’t something we received.

We also received a packet that included the room service menu, pillow menu and other items.

The Deluxe room area was not ready when we visited. Not only was the Concierge not available (though there is an alcove for it), but there was work still ongoing. And there was no way to enter and exit the building near the rooms. The security guard was manning a door, but he wasn’t letting anyone in or out. When we left Disneyland Park after the Disney Electrical Sky Parade, being able to enter the building at that door would have saved us almost 10 minutes.

The one real reason to stay right now in a Deluxe room, IMHO, is the Deluxe Lounge. We utilized it pretty fully and will post about Tea Time tomorrow.

I will write more about my thoughts on the Deluxe experience this week (along with other Disneyland Hotel articles).