Disneyland Paris

L’Hiver Gourmand 2023 / 2024 Menus, Chalet and Food Photos at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

L’Hiver Gourmand at Disneyland Paris returned on November 10th, 2023 and will run through March 17th, 2024 in Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park (dates are according to the Disneyland Paris website). We were at Disneyland Paris last month and have photos to share of the chalets, menus, and some food items in both parks for this winter market. There are still a few weeks left to enjoy L’Hiver Gourmand!

We do enjoy L’Hiver Gourmand quite a bit, although I was disappointed that a few items I was hoping for were missing (including the Butternut Soup, which was wonderful on a cold day).

Here is a look at L’Hiver Gourmand at La Place de Rémy in Walt Disney Studios Park, followed by photos of L’Hiver Gourmand in Fantasyland at Disneyland Park.

First is the Goûts & Saveurs des Montagnes booth (“Tastes & Flavors of the mountains”).

The food here includes a cone of dry-cured sausage slices and a raclette cheese & cured ham sandwich. Jeff always enjoys the raclette cheese. There are also some wines.

Wines and Vittel water can be seen behind the divider. Raclette cheese is in a pan behind them.

Cones of sausage slices are shown as well.

Next is the Encas de P’tites Faims booth.

The booth translates to something similar to “in case of small hunger”, like snacks. The items here in include a vegan sandwich as well as a waffle with Nutella or salted caramel.

Beers and wines are lined up along the divider, including Jupiler and La Folie de Noël (which has a very cute bottle).

Check out the bottle with the reindeer!

There were plenty of waffles ready to go.

Les Recettes de la Cigogne is next (apparently it means “Stork Recipes”).

Les Recettes de la Cigogne features sauerkraut, pretzels and gingerbread.

The pretzels have always been good and reasonably priced, currently 5 . The booths are pretty reasonable as far as value.

The next chalet is Les Douceurs d’Hiver (Winter Sweets).

The items here included roasted chestnuts and mulled wine. Jeff has had the chestnuts here in the past, they are delicious! We do buy mulled wine from the booths and share that at the end of the article. I also bought mulled wine at the Brasserie Rosalie counter for a little less money.

Mulled wine is ready to ladle from the large pots.

La Bigoudène Gourmande is next, featuring galettes and crêpes.

 Jeff likes the galette with duck breast and I usually order a crêpe with Nutella.

There are ciders as well.

La Bonbonnière (the candy box) is the last chalet on La Place de Rémy.

Guests can purchase a candy apple, caramelized peanuts, macarons and more.

Sweet treats are lined up to entice guests to the booth.

We visited Disneyland Paris in the snow for the first few days of our trip, you can see some of that snow at the La Place de Rémy fountain.

There are chalets in Fantasyland at Disneyland Park that offer many of the same items. Last year, the chalets ended here around Christmas, but this year they continued.

The booths don’t seem to have names, but there are five booths with menus.

Guests can purchase a vegan sandwich, a gyro or waffle here, along with beer and wine.

Another booth features the cone of dry-cured sausage slices, raclette cheese and more.

The booth is set up very much like the one in Walt Disney Studios Park. Raclette can be seen cooking.

The blue booth features pretzels and mulled wine.

Guests can also purchase gingerbread, hot chocolate, coffee and more.

The pretzels are the same as we saw earlier.

Sweets can be seen at this purple booth.

Candy apples, macarons, chocolate marshmallows and more are here.

The last booth features the galette with duck breast as well as others and crêpes, hot chocolate, etc.

Crepes were being heated up and Nutella added.

It was a beautiful but cold day when we picked up a pretzel and mulled wine.

The chalets look beautiful lit up at night.

We loved having snow around the parks!

We didn’t stop at the L’Hiver Gourmand chalets this trip as often as we usually would – in part because we were busy with the Disneyland Hotel for a number of days, and in part because we dined at Rosalie in Disney Village so much. But the chalets are a wonderful, quick way to have some delicious treats and drinks at a reasonable price.