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Walt Disney Imagineering Shares Inside Look at World of Frozen Coming to Disney Adventure World

Hi everyone!

Walt Disney Imagineering has shared a new look at the upcoming World of Frozen, which will be coming to Disney Adventure World (currently Walt Disney Studios Park) at Disneyland Paris. Once World of Frozen opens, the park name will change.

The first photo from Walt Disney Imagineering shows the top of Arendelle Castle waiting to be installed at World of Frozen. This is an exciting moment for the expansion!

World of Frozen: Walt Disney Imagineers look at top of Arendelle Castle

Photos copyright Walt Disney Imagineering (from Instagram)

In the next photo, Walt Disney Imagineering takes a look at the colorful facades of Arendelle.

Walt Disney Imagineering looks at World of Frozen buildings

There is also a photo of Walt Disney Imagineering checking out a ride vehicle for Raiponce Tangled Spin.

Raiponce Tangled Spinner

We don’t yet know when World of Frozen will open at Disneyland Paris, but I can’t wait for the entire expansion from Adventure Way to Adventure Bay with the Regal View Restaurant – as well as World of Frozen and Raiponce Tangled Spin.