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Meet Mickey & Friends at EPCOT’s New CommuniCore Hall (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

A new Meet Mickey & Friends meet and greet opened at EPCOT on June 10th as part of CommuniCore Hall and the larger EPCOT transformation. We have photos and video to share! Mickey, Minnie and Goofy were the characters we met inside the location.

First, here is our video that features a tour of the artwork on the walls, along with a meet with all three characters.

Here is a look at the outside of CommuniCore Hall, which is in the World Celebration section of EPCOT.

While CommuniCore Hall opened on June 10th, we were there for the media event on June 9th. Our wait was in the stand-by entrance, with the option of Lightning Lane beginning the next day.

Artwork lines the walls outside and inside. Outside, we can see Mickey and friends in space outfits. These aren’t the outfits they wear for the meet and greet. The characters wear their traditional costumes inside.

Mickey and Minnie are outside Spaceship Earth and The Land pavilion here.

Goofy is in a spaceship.

The Robot Butler from the former Horizons attraction is here.

Figment is outside of the Imagination pavilion, with Dreamfinder’s Dreamcatcher and a Nova Corps Starblaster overhead. The iconic jumping fountains of the Imagination pavilion can be seen as well.

Inside, Mickey in his traditional costume stands in front of a backdrop with Spaceship Earth and a monorail. Palm trees help complete the photo.

The backgrounds for the characters are colorful and include plenty of flowers.

Next, we met Goofy in his traditional orange sweater, blue pants and green hat.

Red flowers can be seen behind Goofy.

He quickly changed poses.

He shows us what is behind him on the backdrop.

Minnie is the last character we met. A monorail soars past her. There are also Mickey shapes in the flowers.

Here is a closer look at those flowers.

Figment watches from overhead.

Here is one last look at Minnie, who wears her signature red dress with white dots and yellow shoes (plus the iconic bow!)

EPCOT does look beautiful at night, although in a different way than it once did.


What do you think of the new Mickey & Friends meet and greet at EPCOT?