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Sports Bar at Disneyland Paris to Close Soon For Makeover: Details and Concept Art

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The Sports Bar at Disneyland Paris will close soon for a complete makeover through 2025 as the Disney Village transformation continues. There will be greater seating capacity, a new design and reimagined food and beverage offerings when the bar reopens.

The Disney Village transformation has been intensive and has yielded a wonderful restaurant in Brasserie Rosalie thus far.

Read below for all the Sports Bar makeover details! Check out the mural in the first artwork, with Goofy as a football player inspired by the short film How to Play Football – this is exclusive artwork by animator Eric Goldberg.

Disney Village Sports Bar makeover concept art

The Sports Bar at Disney Village is about to score even more points with sports enthusiasts! The beloved dining location that has been open since 1992 will soon close its doors and undergo a complete makeover. When it reopens in 2025, the bar – which will be sponsored by the resort’s official partner Coca-Cola – will deliver an enhanced experience, with greater seating capacity, a redesigned plant-filled terrace, a new interior design and reimagined food and beverage offerings! This transformation represents one of the many projects that are being brought to life at Disney Village to elevate the retail, dining, and entertainment complex!

With the opening of Brasserie ROSALIE, the reveal of new concepts for the LEGO Store, the McDonald’s restaurant and Disney shops, and the reimagining of façades, pathways, and landscaping, Disney Village has been in the midst of a significant transformation for a year. And the fun doesn’t stop there, as there are plenty of exciting new experiences in store! 

Disney Village Sports Bar makeover concept art

Located in the heart of the retail, dining and entertainment complex, the lively Sports Bar is among the many locations that are about to take their game to the next level. After “hitting home runs” for more than thirty years, the famous bar will soon undergo a renovation aimed at redefining the whole experience delivered within its walls. When it reopens in 2025, guests will set foot into a stylish sports lounge that will offer a warm and delightful atmosphere. To top it all off, as part of its longstanding alliance with Disneyland Paris, Coca-Cola – a brand that is deeply committed to supporting athletes and celebrating the passion of sports – will now become the official sponsor of this iconic location. 

Reimagined in a style that fits into the new upscale and contemporary identity of Disney Village, the all-new Sports Bar & Lounge will feature refined design that gives a subtle nod to different types of sports. 

Additionally, sports fans will have more space to celebrate! The bar premises will be merged with the New York Style Sandwiches restaurant premises, housing more than 460 seats, a wider variety of all-new furniture, including high top tables and banquettes, a lounge space and an area that may be reserved for private events. 

This transformation will also extend to the outdoor area, as the current terrace will be converted into a plant-filled patio facing the bar located in the heart of the venue. When sitting outside, guests will not only be able to enjoy the sunlight passing through the transparent ceiling and watch major sports events that will be broadcast on the giant screen, but the modern window design will also give them the opportunity to soak in the lively atmosphere happening inside the bar. 

Inside the bar, its walls will be adorned with a wide variety of artworks and sports memorabilia, while the restaurant’s façade will be covered with a mural featuring Goofy in his role as a football player in the timeless short film How to Play Football. Disney fans will surely be wowed by this exclusive work of art dreamed up by legendary Disney animator Eric Goldberg as an homage to the art of animation and to this beloved Disney pal!  

In addition to offering an all-new setting, the bar will deliver a reimagined food and beverage experience. The dedicated teams are already hard at work developing a new menu. From shareable appetizers to food served on plates, the new options will be sure to delight the taste buds of all foodies! And no visit to the bar would be complete without enjoying a refreshing drink to quench one’s thirst! The drink menu will include a wide range of draft and homemade beers and ciders, along with cocktails and mocktails that will be exclusively available at the Sports Bar & Lounge, as well as a selection of shareable drinks. 

To bring this all-new dining experience to life at Disney Village, the current Sports Bar and the New York Style Sandwiches restaurant will close their doors for several months at the end of the year.

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