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“The Aristocats” Themed Lounge Announced for Disney Treasure Cruise Ship

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A “The Aristocats” themed lounge called Scat Cat Lounge has been announced for the Disney Treasure cruise ship, which sets sail in December. The Disney Cruise Line says the venue will “combine the elegance of an old-school jazz club with artistic references to ‘The Artistocats'”. There will also be themed drinks!

Read the announcement from the Disney Parks Blog below.

Scat Cat Lounge on Disney Treasure - concept art

Calling all cat lovers and Disney Animation fans, this announcement is for you! A brand-new lounge themed to the 1970 Walt Disney Animation Studios classic, “The Aristocats” is marked to open onboard the Disney Treasure when it sets sail this December. Named for everyone’s favorite music-loving feline from the film, Scat Cat Lounge will bring the groovy penthouse performance of “Ev’rybody Wants to be a Cat” into the real world for the first time. Plans for the venue combine the elegance of an old-school jazz club with artistic references to “The Aristocats.”  

Can’t wait to learn more about this cat-tastic venue? Keep reading for nine design secrets guests can look forward to discovering when they visit Scat Cat Lounge!  

Scat Cat Lounge on Disney Treasure - concept art
  1. A Familiar Looking Carpet: Fans of “The Aristocats” may recognize the carpet inside Scat Cat Lounge, inspired by the ornate French style rugs scattered throughout Madame Adelaide Bonfamille’s swanky Parisian home. 
  1. Caution – Wet Paint: The playful scene from the “The Aristocats” film when Toulouse mischievously left his paint-covered paw mark on the piano will be represented in Scat Cat Lounge with colorful prints decorating the piano.  
  1. Inspired by Agrabah: Centrally located off the Grand Hall, Scat Cat Lounge will take design cues from the Grand Hall’s Agrabah-inspired architecture with a complementary color palette and Middle Eastern décor that will blend seamlessly with the storied theming of the venue.  
  1. Double Delicious Craft Cocktails: Scat Cat Lounge will serve a special menu of cocktails that celebrate “The Aristocats,” including the Créme de la Créme Martini and The Cat Drink. 
The Cat Drink will be among the signature drinks served at the Scat Cat Lounge onboard the Disney Treasure when it sets sail in December. The Cat Drink will combine clarified bourbon, amaro, Aperol and fresh lemon into a near translucent cocktail that shows off hand-crafted drinkware that will be embossed with the image of a cat. (Kent Phillips, Photographer)
  1. The Cats Go Marching: A parade of silhouetted cats, all representing characters from the film, will welcome guests to Scat Cat Lounge at the entry and lead the way into the venue.  
  1. Scat Cat’s Horn: “The Aristocats” theming will begin at the front door of the lounge with a sculpted handle that resembles Scat Cat’s signature instrument.  
  1. Hidden Characters: Hidden Mickeys may be a hallmark of any Walt Disney Imagineering design, but at Scat Cat Lounge, hidden depictions of Roquefort, the devoted mouse companion of Duchess and her kittens, will reign.  
  1. An Ode to Music: A black and white-striped statement wall will extend through the center of the venue, framing a groovy neon sign with the lyrics, “Ev’rybody Wants to be A Cat.” Reminiscent of piano keys, the wall will honor the important role that music played throughout the film.  
  1. The Cats Behind the Magic: At first glance, the funky poster that will hang outside Scat Cat Lounge may not draw too much attention. However, the instrument-playing cat collage will have a secret! Each cat depicted in the artwork will be drawn in the image of a beloved pet belonging to someone from the project team that helped design and build Scat Cat Lounge.  


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