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Boardwalk Candy Palace to Close at Disneyland Paris for Major Refurbishment Through 2025

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Boardwalk Candy Palace at Disneyland Paris will close soon for a major refurbishment. There will not only be interior restoration, but there will also be new sweet treats coming when the location reopens in 2025! This is among many (many!) refurbishment projects happening at the resort.

Read below for all the details from Disneyland Paris.

Boardwalk Candy Palace at Disneyland Paris
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Walt Disney Imagineering Paris teams have their hearts set on breathing new life into the candy shop that opened in 1992, while preserving its original charm, as part of an exciting project aimed at expanding the resort’s food & beverage offerings that will be brought to life. 

To turn this idea into reality, the resort’s teams will not only rearrange the space, but they will also restore columns, paintings, moldings, and decorative accessories. All-new pieces of furniture and exclusive artwork will also be introduced into the shop.  

The icing on the cake will be the expanded sweet food offerings, which will include new sweet treats that will surely delight guests of all ages. 

Stay tuned for more updates about this mouthwatering experience.

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