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Disneyland Paris Pin Release Schedule for July 2024 Includes Aristocats, Ratatouille Pins

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris has revealed its pin release schedule for July 2024. There are some really great pins this coming month, including “Ratatouille”, “The Artistocats” and a Mickey pin that looks like he’s ready for the Summer Olympics. And there is much more! Here is the full sheet, and then I talk more about the pins below.

The Disneyland Paris pins for the month begin on July 6th with “The Lion King” characters. Disneyland Paris guests love the movie and characters! My favorite pins are on July 10th, with a variety of “Ratatouille” pins. The Chez Remy pin is so great, and there is also an attraction logo pin and character pins (Remy, and Remy with Emile).

July 13th offers quite a few “The Artistocats” pins. These all appear to be a LE of 500 and need to be reserved on Lineberty.

July 11th is Sports Mickey and a lanyard. July 20th offers a number of “Lilo and Stitch” pins, as well as an LE 700 March Hare in a teacup and a set of Pixar pins, also LE 700. And July 27th offers Pascal pins!

What a fun variety of pins for July! You can find out more about pins at Disneyland Paris on the official Facebook page.

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