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The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Offers Many Disney Touches (40+ Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort opened this week at Walt Disney World! Fort Wilderness has been one of our favorite Disney resorts for many years (Jeff first camped here with his family in the early 1970s).

We were invited to tour and photograph a cabin as part of a media event – there are a lot of fun Disney details and nods to the campground. We spoke with Imagineer Suzanne Szak about the cabin design and Disney touches. Here is our video, followed by over 40 photos in my article.

We had a chance to walk through a few cabins in the 2500 loop. Guests can stay in either a new cabin or an old one right now, as older cabins are currently being replaced and that will take a while.

The cabin colors tend to be in earth tones, and look nice in the loop.

This is cabin 2531.

The first Disney touch at The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort is on the porch. The two chairs have Mickey cut-outs.

We were told that the inspiration for The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort is the Tri-Circle-D Ranch. There are very tall ceilings, allowing light to enter in (unless the curtains are closed).

The curtains feature Chip and Dale, running along a fence at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground.

Chip and Dale carry as many acorns as they can handle, with one getting away.

Something I do love about these new cabins is the windows that are from floor to ceiling. When we opened the curtains, there was no mistaking where we were.

The stove features 5 burners, with 3 of them in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Before moving on, we do have another cabin video that features a lot more detail (without the Imagineeer tour).

The chandelier is inspired by horseback riding, with stirrups on top and leather buckles. It is made for Fort Wilderness. Szak says, “You won’t find this anywhere else”.

The Murphy bed is to the right hand side, with a couch there as well.

The cabin sleeps up to 6, with a Queen bed, twin bunk beds and the pull-down Murphy bed.

The first artwork here says “Greetings From Fort Wilderness” and features Mickey and Pluto towing a camper, inspired by the 1938 animated short “Mickey’s Trailer”. They are arriving to Disney’s Fort Wilderness for a fun-filled stay!

Here is a closer look at Mickey and Pluto with the trailer.

When the Murphy bed opens, there is a piece of artwork that says “See ya in the mornin'”. Mickey sleeps on a hammock, while Pluto sleeps on the ground. Chip and Dale are in the tree with a half-eaten apple.

The Chip and Dale art is very cute!

The bedroom features that Queen bed and the bunk beds.

Chip and Dale are in portraits above the bed, with the frames looking like they’ve come from a tree.

This frame holds what looks like postcards from Fort Wilderness (I would love to see them for sale).

Pioneer Hall is one of the postcards.

Someone lists fun things they got to do at Fort Wilderness.

The Bike Barn gets a card.

The Tri-Circle-D Ranch is here.

I do love seeing deer at Fort Wilderness.

It has been years since I did archery at the campground.

Jeff used to go to River Country when it was open, I don’t think I ever did. River Country closed in 2001.

There is a fun Mickey Mouse camping patch.

Paddles on the bunks are inspired by the characters. These two paddles are nods to Pluto and Minnie.

And there is also a Donald paddle and Mickey.

Artwork can be found next to the bunk beds.

Dale sleeps next to a calendar page that says November 19th, which is the day at that Fort Wilderness opened in 1971. This scene also is inspired by the Chip and Dale animated short “Winter Storage”.

Chip is on this artwork, with Donald’s feet coming out of the tent.

Chip uses an acorn as a pillow.

“Hey Disney” is here as it is across property.

Head to the bathroom, there is artwork to the right hand side.

Chip and Dale enjoy archery at Fort Wilderness. I still remember when archery began at Fort Wilderness in 2008, I posted an article about it back then from my visit.

The bathroom is very spacious.

These fishing bobbers are themed to the Disney characters, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Chip and Dale. I noticed that right away (as I did the paddles), I love the subtle inspiration here.

There is a small footstool with a Mickey shape.

And here is a look at the shower. There is no Disney inspiration, but I wanted to show it.

The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort does feel more like a glamping type setup than the other cabins, but at the same time – it’s the same. Camping is not for everyone no matter how it is presented. However, Fort Wilderness is a very special place and one of my favorite resorts on property. There are amazing activities and we are almost always at the golf cart parades (we look forward to the July 4th parade tomorrow!)

Guests can enjoy a fully equipped kitchen and their own patio here. But, unlike many other Disney Vacation Club resorts, there isn’t a whirlpool tub or washer and dryer in the room. The washer and dryer would need to be used at a comfort station. Internal buses are available to take guests to the Settlement or Outpost, and golf carts can be rented as well. Getting to the parks can take a little longer than at other resorts. The Hoop-Dee-Doo is a must-do. And check out the Tri-Circle-D Ranch for a piece of history: a 1907 Dragon Calliope that Walt Disney purchased in 1955.

If you have any questions about The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort or Fort Wilderness, please let me know! Disney did invite us out, but all opinions are ours and we are both very familiar with Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. We didn’t stay overnight, so I can’t answer to the experience of that yet.

We do recommend our travel sponsor Mouse Fan Travel for booking any resort on property (if booking not as DVC).




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