Maleficent Dragon Baseball Cap and Maleficent Nightshirt Arrive to Disney Store

Hi everyone!

A Maleficent Dragon Baseball Cap for adults arrived to the Disney Store this week, as did a gorgeous Maleficent Nightshirt for Women. Purple is my favorite character, and the nightshirt is definitely on my “must-buy” list.

Read below for more on the Maleficent Dragon Baseball Cap and Maleficent Nightshirt for Women, with additional details at the Disney Store while they remain available.

Maleficent as Dragon Baseball Cap

Maleficent Baseball Cap

”And now shall you deal with me, O Prince . . . ” screams the evil fairy Maleficent as she changes into a fire-breathing dragon.

Maleficent Dragon Baseball Cap

Complete your own wicked transformation by donning this horned baseball cap with dragon features, flaming bill and embroidered gills.

Maleficent Dragon Baseball Cap - back

You’ll slay them at Halloween or any time of year!

Maleficent Nightshirt for Women – Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent nightshirt for women

If nightmares keep you up late, the evil fairy Maleficent can ease that awkward situation by casting a sleeping spell from which you may not awaken for one hundred years! Just slip into her soft, slinky nightshirt and drift away in silent slumber.


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