Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Halloween Pumpkins Coming to Disney Store on July 19th

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Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Halloween Pumpkins are scheduled to release at the Disney Store on July 19th, 2024 at 8:00 a.m. PT. This is just one of many Halloween releases arriving in the coming days and weeks. We first learned during Halfway to Halloween that the Mickey Mouse pumpkin would be back, along with Minnie as well this year. The pumpkins light up!

The Disney Store revealed this photo on its “Coming Soon” section of the Halloween landing page that also includes a plethora of Haunted Mansion merchandise that released yesterday.

Mickey and Minnie Halloween Glow Pumpkins

Photo copyright Disney Store

The photo shows what looks like two large pumpkins and two small pumpkins. The Minnie Mouse Halloween pumpkins include a purple bow at the top.

The Disney Parks Blog said back in May, We’re delighted to share that coming back to this Halloween season are the viral Mickey Mouse pumpkins! You may even notice a new, cute, design this year that looks a lot like Minnie Mouse. A sweet and hauntingly beautiful addition to any home, these pumpkins are available in various sizes. Keep your eyes peeled for even more Halloween Mickey Mouse pumpkin surprises coming this season.  

The large Mickey Mouse Halloween Pumpkin has been so popular when available online and at the Disney Parks. It is great to see Mickey back and Minnie added.

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