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Country Bear Musical Jamboree at Magic Kingdom: Video, Photos from Preview

Hi everyone!

The Country Bear Musical Jamboree officially debuts July 17th at the Magic Kingdom, and we have a full video and some photos to share from a media preview today. I will post a couple of additional articles tomorrow with more photos.

The show is great! Here is our full video first.

We arrived to the Magic Kingdom by 7:00 a.m. and were brought to Grizzly Hall.

There is a new Country Bear Musical Jamboree marquee that was revealed today.

Big Al wears his new costume as part of the sign, the show and as a roaming character.

Wendell and Big Al will wear these new costumes as they roam around Frontierland near the Country Bear Jamboree.

Big Al is the king of his kingdom.

There are pressed pennies that includes the various Country Bears. The former Liver Lips McGrowl is now called Romeo.

A new sign features the Country Bears at Grizzly Hall, including Henry, Big Al and Trixie.

Critics rave about it! “It’ll have you growlin’ in the aisles!”

There are a variety of cases in the lobby with fun nods to the show and characters, as well as artwork on the walls.

The Daily Bee promotes the Grizzly Hall opening, in “Octobear 1898”.

Big Al’s paw prints are here, and there are other fun items. Check out the “Beary Poppins” cover! We will have up-close photos tomorrow of many more items.

Letters were sent for the Country Bears at Grizzly Hall in The North Woods (from Bear Country).

Henry is still here, as are all of your favorite characters! The music has changed, but it works. I especially like that Big Al now sings “Remember Me”. And Melvin, Buff and Max play a large part in the show.

Here are photos from today.

The Country Bears play “Country Bear Musical Jamboree”. This is an original song written for the attraction.

The Five Bear Rugs (shown here) include Zeke, Zeb, Ted, Fred, and a bear named Tennessee.

Bunny, Bubbles and Beulah now wear Stetson hats and sing “Try Anything” from “Zootopia”.

Trixie performs with them.

Romeo McGrown sings “Kiss the Girl”. He wears a rose behind his ear!

Teddi Barra and Wendell sing “A Whole New World” together from “Aladdin”.

Wendell wears his new costume that we saw earlier outside.

Big Al sings “Remember Me” from “Coco”. The chords it starts with are reminiscent of “Blood on the Saddle” (a song I never liked).

This photo is from “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”.

Melvin, Buff and Max enjoy being part of the show.

What do you think of the new Country Bear Musical Jamboree?

The original Country Bear Jamboree featured songs that I am not even sure were popular in my lifetime, and I am 57. The new show is fun, and the songs are recognizable. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about popular Disney songs being used for the show (I don’t want to use the word “current” as “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” is about 30 years old and “Kiss the Girl” about 35 years old). But overall, I think the Country Bear Musical Jamboree works very well and will be a hit with guests.

Country Bear Musical Jamboree also feels similar to before. The characters are ones we know and love, and there are some nods to the former show (and Mineral King, which was a never-built Disney ski resort in Mineral King, California that was also just a bit before my time). Above all else, the show is fun and guests may find themselves singing along to their favorite songs as the Country Bears become more accessible to a new generation.



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