Jeff Lange’s Parade Classics Review

Last year I purchased my first DVD's from JeffLangeDVDHorizons and Journey Into Your Imagination, so I could relive these two wonderful attractions.  Since then, I've had the opportunity to actually be part of photographing some covers and menu screens for titles such as Magic Kingdom Wishes and Parade Classics.  I've also taken photos for 2 photo CD's.


When Jeff said he was planning on a parade DVD with older MK parades on it, I was mostly looking forward to the Remember the Magic segment.   That is a parade I still miss, and I was looking forward to seeing it again in it's entirety. Parade Classics delivers so much!    There are two parades on this disc that I don't recall, even though I've been visiting Walt Disney World for over 30 years.  One is the Surprise Celebration Parade, and the other is the Mickey Mania Parade.  It is pretty amazing to see the difference in parades from the 90's until now. 

The Surprise Celebration Parade was filmed in 1991, and I'd never have guessed it considering the steady hand (without image stabilization) and great quality of the recording.   The parade is Mardis Gras themed, with huge cold air balloons – led by Roger Rabbit – making their way down Main Street.   Stilt walkers, jesters, a huge Minnie balloon with fruit on her head, and Mickey Mouse ending the parade as a court jester combine to make this a wonderful parade!

Next up is the Mickey Mania parade, recorded in 1994.  There is more talent needed in this parade than any other I've seen at the Magic Kingdom.  Stunt bikers (like you would see at La Nouba) perform in front of the parade and throughout.  My favorite part of this parade is the ramp in the first float, for the bikers to jump through!  The theme of this parade – surprise – is Mickey, and there is plenty to enjoy here.   Mickey floats, a variety of Mickey characters throughout the years, dancers in Mickey outfits, even giant Mickey Mouse hands and feet walking themselves down the street.   Alice in Wonderland, The Mad Hatter, Pinocchio and more greet you on large tricycle-type bikes!  The music is fun, and the camera work is steady.

The Remember the Magic parade is up next, and it's even better than I remember.  Who doesn't love the song "Remember the Magic"?  It's a bouncy, fun, inspirational tune that brings this processional to life.  The recording includes three of the parade stops, and the 25th Anniversary float features Cinderella, Chip, Dale, Minnie and other favorite characters on the mirror float which first made it's appearance for this parade.  This is an interactive parade, where guests were invited to join in at each parade stop!

The last parade is the Share a Dream Come True parade.  Recorded in 2001, this has often referred to as the "Bubble Parade".   Characters such as Pinocchio and Mickey Mouse are in globes on top of the floats.   I'll be honest, this parade is the weakest link for me – I've never fully connected emotionally to it.  But the recording is terrific, and those who are fans will enjoy it.  There are tons of characters, both inside the globes and walking beside the floats.

This is a wonderful DVD, and I highly recommend it to anyone who'd like to relive (or see for the first time) parades that were part of Magic Kingdom history. also has Parade Classics 2, which is his newest DVD, with more current parades.  With 2 DVD's or more purchased, you get free shipping!