Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

11/28 New AMC Theater Concession, Downtown Disney (with new Freestyle Coke Machines)

Hi everyone!

I've been home sick since Thanksgiving, but am putting up a couple of updates from photos I've taken in the past week.  Last Wednesday, we went to see Tangled at the AMC Theater at Downtown Disney (my review is here).   But what really caught our eye was the new concession area (and AMC now has two bars as well).

When we were at IAPPA just over a week ago, a friend asked us if we'd seen the Coke Freestyle dispenser.  He was very excited about it, but I'm not a big soda drinker and didn't really understand the concept (and the Coke area was usally pretty crowded with people). Now I understand what he was so interested in.  I occasionally will drink Sprite, and there were like 8 different types of Sprite (including peach, which I tried).  You touch the screen and more choices become available.  If you touch the Fanta symbol, there are 7 different kinds! There are a total of 160 flavors, all dispensed through the same area.  It is really pretty cool, even for a rare soda drinker! There was also a Gold Peak ice tea dispenser nearby.



Some photos around the concessions area – we only picked up what we had free coupons for (Movie Watcher popcorns and drink), but it's very nice.  I think the other concessions area is to be switched to this style as well: