Denise's Corner

4/23 Denise’s Corner – Splitsville, Earth Day, Sea World’s Turtle Trek, Photo Walk News

Hi everyone!

We haven't done a big update in a few days, but I wanted to share with you what we are planning for the upcoming week – and to let you know what we already have "in the can", which will also be going up soon.

It's been busier than usual on the personal front – we have friends staying with us this week, and I was in the Emergency Room a few nights ago. The only reason I mention the latter is that I was so impressed with Celebration Hospital! If you have to have an emergency (and I hope you don't), I can't recommend it more highly. Each member of the staff was incredible, and I love the private rooms in the ER!

Back to Disney –  For those of you who collect Disney Movie Rewards, there are 20 points available today! The codes Cogsworth and Lumiere will each get you 10 points. If you follow Mousesteps on Twitter, you will find I always post the newest free points!

Just over a week ago, we were in Tampa. I had won free Van Halen tickets online, and we were walking around Channelside before the concert. What I didn't realize is how close Splitsville is to the arena! We enjoyed Happy Hour there, and were told that Splitsville is currently on track for an October 2012 opening at Downtown Disney. I plan to have an update about that soon, we have plenty of photos. We enjoyed our drinks, sliders and then the concert!


Splitsville in Tampa


David Lee Roth, Van Halen

We have an article about the Orange Bird coming back to the Sunshine Tree Terrace, as well as a YouTube video. Snag an Orange Bird shirt while you can, we were told they are limited!


Orange Bird

Our newest sponsor is Theme Park Connection. We had the opportunity to see (and hold) some rare collectibles, including this desert hovercraft from Horizons!


Desert Hovercraft

We have many Disney resort room photos/video to share with you that aren't on the site yet, including a Boardwalk standard room, Caribbean Beach Resort pirate room, and more! Many wonderful friends have opened up their rooms to us – waiting outside while the rooms are still show ready (thank you so much to them!) Have you seen our video with commentary on the Port Orleans Riverside rooms? We were so impressed with them! And so far, my photo walks of Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside are the most viewed of the year!


Boardwalk Resort Standard Room Lamp

Speaking of resorts, my next photo walk should be up by this weekend, the Grand Floridian Resort!

I had been planning on posting an Earth Day update, but I wasn't sure there would be enough interest. However, we really enjoyed the different resort displays this year! My favorite? Wall-E and Eve at the Boardwalk Resort, made of recycled materials (as all the displays were). Guests could vote for their favorite Cast Member creation!



When I was at Epcot a few days back, a softshell turtle was trying to get out of a fenced area (where it normally lives/swims). It didn't get out, but I went to let managers know about it because guests were sticking their hands near the mouth (this turtle could bite a finger off!) What happened next turned "Herman" (the name it had been given by Disney CMs) into "Henrietta"! We will have video up soon, but it turns out that "Herman" was nesting and laid a couple of eggs – which should now be at Animal Kingdom until they hatch.



We also celebrated Earth Day at Animal Kingdom, which is a tradition for us. We enjoyed petting an alligator!


Posing With Chimpanzee Background


Alligator at Conservation Station 

The Beach Club Marketplace used to have scoopable gelato, but that ended a couple of years ago. If you are in a gelato mood, Disney's Coronado Springs Resort has many flavors! We enjoyed this chocolate brownie gelato with huge hunks of brownie, and plan to go back soon for photos/video.


Chocolate Brownie Gelato

There was an Earth Day display at Disney's Coronado Springs, created by different Cast Members. My favorite was probably the one that incudes the Orange Bird!


Earth Day Display at Disney's Coronado Springs

Have you heard that Starbucks is coming to the Disney parks? Comment below and let me know what you think of that news! I don't drink coffee, but Starbucks is a quality brand, and I think it's a great addition.

Coming up this week – we will be checking out the new Universal Studios show (Cinematic Spectacular), covering the opening of Sea World's Turtle Trek, and enjoying the Never-ending Pie Buffet at Celebration! That is in addition to the Grand Floridian Photo Walk. We also are starting a new video "show" called Mousesteps Weekly, our first video show should be up shortly!