Food & Wine Festival

Hollis Wilder Headlines Sweet Sundays at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival on October 7th, 2012

Hi everyone!

Back in 2008, I was living in the Waterford Lakes section of Orlando and stumbled upon a cupcake shop that knocked my socks off. A small store surrounded by a huge outdoor mall, I walked out with my first cupcake – and have been singing Sweet by Holly’s praises ever since.

The cupcakes have even made several cross-country trips with me as a gift to a friend who used to book our Club 33 reservations at Disneyland (handled with extreme care through two airplane rides each time!)

What makes the cupcakes so special? Hollis Wilder. Self-taught, she has an incredible knack for putting together just the right balance in a dessert. Wilder has also won the show Cupcake Wars not once, but twice – the first time with a salmon cupcake (real salmon!) You can see her two wins as part of a sizzle reel on YouTube. Wilder will be bringing her creativity to Epcot for a Sweet Sundays demonstration at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival on October 7th, 2012. And for those who book it, I guarantee you will be in for a real sweet treat!


Hollis Wilder (Image Shared by Hollis Wilder)

Hollis Wilder’s early talent for cooking – and European travels to experiment with tastes – eventually led to a dazzling Hollywood client list that included Michael Jackson, Jay Leno and Nicole Kidman over a 15 year period, before she moved to Winter Park, Florida in 2004. In just a few short years, she opened her first Sweet by Holly! shop (the second opened in Jacksonville, Florida last year), baking thousands of cupcakes per day for delighted fans. Our personal favorite is the Boston Cream cupcake, but there are 30 unique flavors that include the Black Out, High Hat, S’Mores and Tiramasu flavors (all favorites of ours). Sweet by Holly! offers cupcakes in minis as well as full size,  2 1/2 bites of sweet flavor in each mini allow customers to sample several different tastes in smaller portions.


Sweet by Holly Cupcakes At Our Vero Beach Getaway in 2011

Not content to rest on her laurels, Wilder is now sharing her savory side as well. Her book “Savory Bites: Making Mini Meals in Your Cupcake Pan” will debut in 2013. Over 100 savory recipes will be featured, all to be prepared in a cupcake pan.


Savory Bites (Image Shared By Hollis Wilder)

Sweet Sundays at Epcot is comprised of a breakfast buffet, sparkling wines and  three plated signature desserts demonstrated by an acclaimed chef or baker. The price is $95 plus tax, gratuity included. The event sells out quickly, and theme park admission is required. Hollis Wilder from Sweet by Holly! will be demonstrating on October 7th.

Can’t make it to the Sweet Sundays event at Epcot? Sweet! by Holly is located in the Waterford Lakes Town Center on 711 North Alafaya Trail in Orlando. For those who have a car, this is about 20 minutes from the Orlando International Airport, or about 45 minutes from Walt Disney World. Sweet! by Holly also delivers locally, and can make custom creations for your event.

Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival runs from September 28th – November 12th, 2012.