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11/2 Stefanie Scott Interview About Her Role as Moppet Girl in Wreck-It Ralph

We had the opportunity to interview actress (and singer) Stefanie Scott, who plays the Moppet Girl in the new film "Wreck-It Ralph". Stefanie is best known for her role as Lexi Reed on the hit Disney Channel show A.N.T. Farm, which will soon be filming it's third season.



MS: How did you get the part in Wreck-It Ralph?

SS: Well, I got the audition –  I didn’t know much about the project when I got it. It’s just like any other audition, you kind of form the character in your mind. It (voice acting) is completely different than live-action.

MS: How different was working on Wreck-It Ralph than your role on A.N.T. Farm?

SS: It’s totally different, because A.N.T. Farm is a live action comedy, and so you get to use your body, and your wardrobe, and you have so much physical stuff that comes along with it to express your character. When doing voice-over, all you have is your voice – so you get to look crazy just to get your voice out. It’s really interesting. I had a blast working on it. It was so much fun!

MS: Because you already work on a Disney series, did it help you with the process of getting the Wreck-It Ralph job, or did you still have to go through the full audition process?

SS: I don't really know! I don't know if it helped, I love being with Disney and I get to do these really amazing things, being with the Disney Channel. It'd always been such a great dream of mine to be in a Disney show, and to have a Disney animated feature was a dream of mine. I worked hard for it, it took many auditions before I got the chance to get the job. It doesn't all happen overnight. I'm very lucky I got the chance to be part of it (Wreck-It Ralph).

MS: I know that voice actors don't always get to work with other actors in the studio. Was that your experience?

SS: All my work was with the director, creating the character. I got to see what the pictures of the arcade would look like, what my character looked like, right before I got in. That's also how I formed the character. I definitely got to meet all the actors from the movie, which was incredible. I look up to them all, they're all hysterical and such great comedians. Getting to meet all of them was amazing.

MS: Are you a big gamer yourself, do you enjoy video games?

SS: Yes, I have older brothers so I played all the video games with them growing up. Pac-Man, Mario and Luigi on Mario-Kart, I love them all. I definitely have played my share of video games. I remember going to a pizza parlor where I grew up with my brothers in Florida, and I would always have to compete against them. It was very difficult, because they were very good video gamers.

MS:  I saw a picture of you with a Pac-Man purse (it's adorable!). Can you tell us how you got that?

SS: Yes! My friend Pat, she's really crafty – and so she sequined a Pac-Man purse for me to wear on the carpet with my dress. I was like, "You are an amazing person!" I love that purse, I want to wear it all the time.

MS: What is your favorite part of the film Wreck-It Ralph?

SS: My favorite part of Wreck-It Ralph is I love the whole Sugar Rush scene. I think that is my favorite place in the whole movie, it's a very happy place and it'd be a dream come true to live there! I would so have that castle.

MS: Have you had the opportunity to attend a lot of premieres before walking the Wreck-It Ralph red carpet?

SS: I've been to many premieres, but I think that was one of the few that I got to go for a film that I was in. It's always really exciting when you're in the film, you get to see the finished product. It was definitely one of the biggest premieres I've been to, probably besides the Justin Bieber one! The carpet was huge, and I love how they had the cherry red carpet, and they actually had Ralph and Vanellope there. It was really cool! And the stars that were there – I was in awe of John C. Reilly, and Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch – all of them, it was awesome.

MS: What is your next project going to be?

SS: We did just get picked up for season 3 of A.N.T. Farm, so we go back to production for that, I'm so stoked. I can't wait, because we have a twist in the show for our third season. A lot is changing, I can't wait to get back into character and see what our characters are up to.

MS: Congratulations on the film, we think it will be very huge!

SS: Thank you, and everyone see Wreck-It Ralph!