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General Mills Movie Cash – See Disney Films (And Other Movies) For a Fraction of the Cost!

Hi everyone!

While everyone knows I love Disney, I don’t really write about my other interests too often – including getting the most from my shopping dollar. I figured I’d change that today, since this terrific offer can be used to see Disney movies (and other movies) very inexpensively.

Over the past few years, there have been several wonderful offers that allowed for unlimited Movie Cash tickets, as long as the required packages were purchased. General Mills is back again with the same Movie Cash offer they had a couple of years back, I’ve already purchased 42 boxes of cereal in the last 2 weeks!  Movies are so expensive now – even a morning matinee with 3D can be upwards of $10 here. Movie Cash can be used for films up to $12.00, even with new films! One of the best things about these tickets is that you enter the codes online, and print the tickets from home.

Look for specially marked boxes of Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, Lucky Charms and other General Mills cereals. The front will look like this:


With every two boxes purchased, you can get a free movie ticket! Last week, Target had a special deal on General Mills cereal, this past week I found boxes on sale at Publix – I’ve been getting movie tickets for between $1.50 and $3.50 each with coupons (found online and in the paper). I will be substituing my normal Kashi cereal for Cheerios over the next year – but I don’t mind! Cheerios makes a great midday snack too.

The last time General Mills (and then Always/Tampax) had Movie Cash offers, we were going to the movies nearly every week! Normally we go every couple of months, but love to go more often when we can. The boxes often disappear fairly quickly from the grocery stores (I’d expect boxes to mostly disappear by the end of this year), but the codes in the boxes are still good for over a year! Codes added to the General Mills Movie Cash website are good for 2 months from the date of printing, so it’s possible to still be using the Movie Cash into early 2014!

We plan to see Wreck-It Ralph again in the theaters, and am looking forward to using our Movie Cash. And any cereal we think we can’t use will be given to friends and donated to a food bank. We even brought friends with us to Target last week, where everyone stocked up on cereal!


I’ve been couponing/refunding for over 20 years, and even had a small refunding newsletter in the early 90’s. There is a lot less refunding these days, but I use online coupons often – saving at least $20 per week at the grocery store.

There have been some great offers this year, but Movie Cash is my favorite! You can find a list of participating theaters at the General Mills Movie Cash website. Good luck finding the boxes (and especially if you can get a great sale on them).