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Celebrate Disney Fairies Week – Limited Time Magic Offering From April 15th – 21st

Hi everyone!

Disney announced the newest Limited Time Magic offering for next week, April 15th – 21st, “Celebrate Disney Fairies Week” at Walt Disney World.


Tinker Bell at Epcot

From the Disney Parks Blog website:
“It’s Fairies Week at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and Tinker Bell’s coming in for a landing. And wouldn’t you know it, some fellow Disney Fairies are flying in for the occasion too! Head over to Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook, where Tink will be joined by a few friends making surprise appearances. You could meet Iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist, Fawn, Vidia… maybe even Terence, the Pixie Dust-keeper himself!”

I’m not actually sure what will be different than any other day in Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook at the Magic Kingdom – although I’m assuming they will give out the autograph cards, which have become standard with every Limited Time Magic meet & greet. I hope Disney will throw in a few other surprises too. I also don’t see Perwinkle’s name mentioned, but she was very popular – it’d be nice to see her as an addition.