Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Mickey and Minnie Now Meeting in the Adventurers Outpost at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Hi everyone!

Today, the Adventurers Outpost opened in the former Beastly Bazaar shop at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, offering an air-conditioned location for guests to meet Mickey and Minnie! The rumors have been that Camp Minnie-Mickey, their former location, will eventually be the site of an Avatar land.

I didn’t have a chance to go, Jeff covered it for both of us while I finished up transcribing an interview I did with magician Lance Burton. We usually go to the meet & greets together, but he did a great job with both the photos and video! There is still work being in the room to the left, but that should be open soon too.

The queue reminded me of the Town Square Theater meet & greet, with the line moving through several rooms.

There are pictures of Mickey and Minne on their travels, wearing the same outfits that they meet guests here in.

While looking through the photos, I noticed that Mickey has his Camp Minnie-Mickey belt buckle on in the photos of his travels with Minnie, but does not wear it in the meet & greet.

I love this display, including the postcards from Goofy and Mickey! There are also references to DiVine, Everest, and more.

Mickey and Minnie have a new backdrop, along with other props from their travels.

Watch our video, and you’ll see Mickey pointing out a hidden Mickey to us!

Stop by the Adventurers Outpost on your next visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom park and say hi to Mickey and Minnie! This made two visits to Animal Kingdom for us in the last 2 days – yesterday Mowgli made a special, rare appearance. Check out the video!