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New Minnie Mouse Meet & Greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Exudes Old World Glamour; Detailed Queue a Delight for Disney Fans

Hi everyone!

Minnie Mouse is now greeting guests in a new meet & greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Her dressing room exudes an old-world Hollywood glamour, with black and white photos sharing space with her trophies and awards. But we enjoyed the detailed queue at least as much, with nods to Disney legends and fan favorites! What I like even better is that I know that I’ve not noticed every detail – the posters are like a treasure hunt.

I always really appreciate when Disney spends time to create artwork that delights everyone – from day guests who will never understand everything, to hardcore Disney history fans.

This clock is above the Drawing Room queue for Minnie, inside the Animation building.

From “What a Swell Feeling” to “Donald O’Duck”, this poster is a really a fun mashup of Disney and the film Singin’ in the Rain.

I love this Minnie Poppins poster! I don’t know any Spanish, but looked up “Veala una y otra vez!”, which translates to “See it again and again!”

Webbigail Vanderquack is noted in the credits, she is from DuckTales. I didn’t spend a lot of time watching Disney Afternoon shows – I was in my 20’s by then – but it was fun to find out where some of these names came from!

This was probably our favorite poster, premiering Sunday, July 17th (the day Disneyland opened) – The Jungle Cruise. Trader Sam is still offering his two-for-one deal! Produced by H. (Harper) Goff and directed by B. (Bill) Evans, piloted by “Skipper (John) Lasseter” and “Skipper (Patrick) Brennan” with set design by “M. (Marc) Davis”, there are tributes flowing in this one!

These great caricatures are reminiscent of the old Hollywood Brown Derby, with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Goofy, Peg Leg Pete, Clarabelle Cow, Mortimer Mouse and Scrooge McDuck. Neither Oswald the Lucky Rabbit nor Mortimer Mouse have signatures, while everyone else does. Oswald is holding a 4-leaf clover.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse star in AILUROPHOBIA. Ailurophobia is a fear of cats.

The AILUROPHOBIA poster features Donald, Daisy, Ludwig Von Drake, and Drake Mallard (the alter ego of Darkwing Duck).

The Maltese Duck features Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse, and includes Fenton Crackshell, of Darkwing Duck and DuckTales fame.

Characters do tend to repeat themselves through the queue – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Oswald Rabbit headline Casamousa – which is directed by Drake Mallard.

I hadn’t even realized at first that this was a reference to Frank & Ollie. It’s produced by Mortimer Mouse (the original name of Mickey Mouse), and directed by James Monstro (Monstro was the whale in Pinocchio). The screenplay is by Harrison Hightower IV – though it’s Harrison Hightower III who has a history with the Tower of Terror at Disney Tokyo Sea.

More caricatures line the walls in the form of Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.

The Sherman Brothers bring you Mouse Pacific! The Orange Bird is part of the cast, and is on the poster. You can also see the Enchanted Tiki Room, with the producer being Jose’ Boag (the voice of Jose’ is Wally Boag); choreographed by Fritz Ravenscroft (the voice of Fritz is Thurl Ravenscroft) and Pierre Newton (Pierre was voiced by Ernie Newton). The screenplay is by Michael Burley (voiced by Fulton Burley).

Minnie looks like she has a Hidden Mickey in her lei.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse caricatures:


Minnie Mouse is the Queen of Denial in Cleopatra and Mouse Antony. You can see some hidden Mickeys in the poster.

The line wasn’t long when we arrived at 7:00 p.m., and we came back after Minnie finished her 7:30 p.m. set. This was taken after our meet & greet with her.

We entered into Dressing Room 2.

Hidden Mickeys can be found in the rug.

Minnie’s dressing room definitely has a glamorous vibe – the “old-world Hollywood” I mentioned earlier. Minnie herself is in her usual polka-dot dress with sparkles. I’d love to see her dress up a little more here!

Minnie Mouse has many achievements, but whoever spelled “Acheivement” needs to get one in spelling!


It seems that Minnie has more than one pair of yellow shoes.

Minnie showed us around her dressing room.

“Minnie Earhat” poses with her plane. In the photo underneath, Minnie poses with Mickey Mouse.

Minnie shows us her photos.

We posed with Minnie in her new dressing room.

Sorcerer Mickey came to visit Minnie’s new digs!

Check out our video of the queue, and Minnie Mouse giving us a tour around her room!

Definitely stop by Minnie’s new meet & greet location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!