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Jake, Captain Hook and Pirate Goofy Celebrate “Talk Like a Pirate Week” at the Magic Kingdom – Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

Last week was “Talk Like a Pirate Week” at the Magic Kingdom – and we finally made it at the very end of the Limited Time Magic event to cover it!

First, we waited for the “Talk Like a Pirate” pre-parade, which preceded Celebrate the Magic. There were two floats as part of the pre-parade, with Jake, Mr. Smee, and Captain Hook on them. Jake was on top of a giant treasure chest, and Captain Hook with Mr. Smee on the pirate ship. We have 4 videos embedded – one of the pre-parade, and all the character meet and greets!

There were guests who had been to the Pirate’s League in the pre-parade, along with the characters and performers.

After the pre-parade, we found Pirate Goofy in the Pirates of the Caribbean queue area. He was quite animated, so to speak! He showed us some of his pirate moves.

Jake also was active in his Adventureland location, even picking a flower for a friend of ours (you can see that in the video!)

Captain Hook was his usual villainous self, situated in the new meet & greet area at Peter Pan’s Flight.

Limited Time Magic cards were handed out for all the characters – one side said “Limited Time Magic Talk Like a Pirate”, and on the flip side were the character signatures.