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The Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights 2013 – Photos and Video!

Hi everyone!

We were invited to the Cast Member preview of The Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios yesterday, thank you to Mark & John! With all of the holiday offerings kicking off this weekend, it’d have been a week or more until we made it over otherwise. Each year, there are small changes to the props – it’s always fun to see what is different. And Glow With the Show ears were working with the lights!

What surprised me yesterday was the the rest of Disney’s Hollywood Studios wasn’t yet dressed for the holidays. I imagine that changed this morning, but it is usually the first park to have all the Christmas decorations up! One year the park was fully decked out on Halloween, which was just a little too early for me. There were some Christmas themed window displays yesterday, but that was it – besides the Osborne Lights.

Here are my photos from yesterday and a video showing the Osborne Lights and how Glow With the Show ears work with the lights as they dance!! The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights ends on January 5th, 2014.

The nativity was moved in 2012 to it’s current location when Santa Goofy was introduced.

The line for Santa Goofy was long, so we didn’t wait. He’s where the nativity used to be.

Our friend Steve Fox modeled his Glow With the Show ears. We forgot to bring ours! What I didn’t realize is that the newer version of the ears have an elastic strap. The ones we received from Disney don’t, and I’ll need to use it with hair clips.

He loaned me his ears for the photo. A lot of guests were “glowing with the show” last night!

I won’t show exactly where the Osborne cat is, but I’m not sure we would have found it without help – even though it was hiding in plain sight.

The dog at the door is one of my favorite displays at the Osborne Lights – it always seems to change a little each year. For at least one year, there were two dogs at the door. This year, it’s one dog at the door and one in a wagon. This dog usually hasn’t worn an outfit.

Digital screens in the windows.

Elves arriving by subway.

Mickey as a soldier.

The Jennings family stockings.

There are two windows at the China Bowl Restaurant facade, both have meat hanging in the window with bows or Christmas ornaments. You can see Mickey in the photos below also, I think at least twice. I’ll get closer photos next time! There is a Mickey ornament next to the boxes.

The leg lamp from A Christmas Story is gone from this window, replaced by Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs. I’ve never seen the show.

Jack Skellington started appearing a few years back. He was a bit harder to see this year.


The “switch” for the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights.

Patriotic Mickey.

Mickey in a fireman outfit, in a window.

Goofy in a window.

I always love The Jingle Belles! I didn’t even know they had a name until recently.

We’ll share more photos from the Osborne Lights in the next couple of weeks! This weekend we’ll be focusing on Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and the Jingle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom.