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Frosty the Snowman Comes to Life at Gaylord Palms ICE! 2013: Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

We had the opportunity to attend a media preview of ICE! for 2013, which is themed to the story of “Frosty the Snowman”! We were so excited to see this new ICE! display, as Frosty is a part of our childhoods. This is my favorice ICE! exhibit in many years – and I’ve really enjoyed all of them. I have nearly 100 photos and our video in this article! 

ICE! is in the convention center, in an area called “Holiday Hall” through January 5th, 2014.

This large present says not to open until November 23rd…

But it was opened a day early, as a young boy ran through it to open the ICE! attraction!

There is some fun merchandise at ICE! We picked up this hat, a couple of Frosty shirts and mugs.

We enjoyed browsing items like a chocolate beard, Bear Creek Bacon Bark, Yellow Snow cotton candy, and beef jerky chocolate!

Santa passed us as we made our way to ICE!

Santa says don’t be naughty!

And no touching, licking, or sitting on the ICE!

We are just outside the attraction here. The team member speaking to us was bathed in an icy fog everytime the door opened!

We were greeted with Frosty the Snowman as soon as we entered! We spent about 45 minutes inside the attraction. I recommend wearing a hat or band around the ears, double socks, and gloves. Gaylord Palms will give a parka to use, and I don’t find it necessary to wear anything too heavy underneath it (a long sleeve shirt or light sweater). The key here is to not be too cold, and enjoy it as long as you can! After that, there is so much to see and do around the resort (and I’ll have another article for that in a couple of days). ICE! is 9 degrees, and you can find more information about it here. There are also shows to enjoy, and a reindeer scavenger hunt!

Here is our video of ICE!

The central characters in the attraction are Frosty, Karen, Professor Hinkle and the white rabbit named Hocus Pocus.

We went through this tunnel – there are two tunnels, one for adults and one for children!

There are quite a few rooms to explore, each telling a different part of the “Frosty the Snowman” story.

I love the swirl of hats above his head here!

Frosty leads the children, including Karen.

I didn’t plan to ride down the slides tonight since we are here until Sunday, but I couldn’t help myself – and went down twice! It really is so much fun, and nicely themed.

Jeff was videotaping as he enjoyed the slide experience!

Professor Hinkle looks to be snooping around the pole.

Jeff and the white rabbit.

How often can you be photographed with Frosty?

It looks like the police officer is trying to stop the rabbit in this photo.

A band “plays” on the way out of the slide room.

Professor Hinkle always seems to be getting himself in trouble.

Frosty and Karen are on the way to the North Pole!

Karen warms herself by the fire.

I love the expression on the deer!

Frosty and Karen slide down the hill as Professor Hinkle gets caught in a snow drift.

There is a small “Turbo“.

Karen cries at the Frosty puddle. There is a short move here, where Frosty and Karen are together.

Santa and Frosty on the sled.

In the Frostbite Factory, “Artisans in Action” showcase how they carve ice. There are 20 artisans from Harbin, China who rotate shifts – they stay here through the season (down from the 40 who build the attraction) to keep ICE! looking great. They are currently building a train.

Look at all of the beautiful colors!

Here is an artisan working on the train!

There is information on ICE!, including how it takes 36 Harbin ice carvers to carve 2 million pounds of ice for the attraction!


There is a traditional nativity every year. This is pure, crystal clear ice.

We can’t wait to go back tomorrow!

Once you leave ICE!, there is an area to purchase Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, Gigi’s Cupcakes and other treats.

I had never tried Gigi’s cupcakes before! They are wonderful – I watched teenagers from a school group excited for the cupcakes, so I went over to check them out. There are large cupcakes, but smaller ones in boxes of 4 or 12 can be purchased.

This is the box of 12 – a great size for sharing! The topping is sweet and the cake moist. It’s definitely a great place to stop after enjoying ICE!

ICE! runs through January 5th, 2014. We are on a FAM trip this weekend provided by Gaylord Palms to share the experience with our readers and viewers, but we had originally planned to purchase a night to enjoy ICE!, the Christmassy Dreamworks Experience and Shrekfeast. There is SO much to do here, including taking in the holiday shows – and this really is one of our very favorite places to celebrate Christmas. And with the Christmassy Dreamworks Package, you get unlimited priority entrance to ICE! as often as you’d like! Even if you just come in for the day, definitely check out the atrium! There are live gators, turtles and so much more to see. The tree lighting ceremony is beautiful too, and we highly recommend Luminescence! Don’t just spend a half hour in ICE!, make a half day of it and enjoy more of the resort. ICE! is truly an amazing experience at a unique resort – and it’s only a few minutes from Walt Disney World. Note: Parking costs $18 this year. Some of the restaurants may validate if you eat there, so ask if you plan to!