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Lone Ranger Saddles Up Onto Blu-ray/DVD With a Modest Amount of Worthy Bonus Features

Hi everyone!

The Lone Ranger is now out on Blu-ray/DVD. Starring Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp as The Lone Ranger and Tonto, the film didn’t sprint up the box office charts as Disney hoped, but it should provide a stronger showing for home entertainment.

My review of the The Lone Ranger was a cautionary one, I still tell parents to watch it before deciding whether their children can see it as well. There is one particular scene that I felt was extremely strong for a PG-13 rating. The nice thing about owning it on Blu-ray/DVD is that scenes can be skipped – I will enjoy the film much more on my own television screen. The ending sequence is actually quite a lot of fun.

I have been looking forward to the Blu-ray features, to see how the film was made. There aren’t as many bonus features as I’d hoped for, but there are a few gems here:

Armie’s Western Road Trip – Armie Hammer guides viewers through beautiful gorgeous areas of the country where The Lone Ranger scenes were filmed, including Utah and New Mexico. This bonus feature is worth viewing just for the stunning scenery, but there are also enjoyable behind-the-scenes looks at the making of The Lone Ranger. One I had seen previously was Armie Hammer standing on a very high platform for a stunt.

Becoming a Cowboy – Jerry Bruckheimer wanted the scenes in The Lone Ranger look authentic, so he sent the actors to a boot camp to learn how to ride horses and rope. Ruth Wilson learned to fire a gun and rope along with the guys and does a great job! Some of the actors had not ever ridden before, so just sitting on the horse could be a nerve-wracking experience.

Riding the Rails of The Lone Ranger – 5 different locations needed railroad tracks built for The Lone Ranger! The trains were built for the tracks as well – it was quite a large endeavor. The one thing that really impressed me about The Lone Ranger is how much of their own stunts the actors did, and viewers will see how much work went into the train chases.

Bloopers – These were a lot of fun to watch, Johnny Depp seems to be a huge cutup on set!

Deleted Scene ” Locust Storm/Great Warriors Must Adapt” – This is mostly an animated segment, and I found it the weakest of the features.

If you’ve not seen The Lone Ranger, this is a great time to purchase it. The film looks great on Blu-ray and the bonus features weren’t ample, but enjoyable.