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Gorgeous Chocolate Easter Egg Display at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Includes Elsa, MagicBands: Photos, Video

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is offering up it’s 3rd Annual Easter Egg Display! Prior to 3 years ago, Disney’s Grand Floridian scattered the eggs around the resort’s restaurants. The talent of the bakery team is incredible, the artwork so detailed!

This sign gives information on the eggs, which are 9-12 pounds each and stand 16-20 inches.

This is the view when walking into the resort, there are also eggs on either side.

Frozen’s Elsa is the most talked-about egg this year! Her braid looks exquisite, and hidden Mickeys can be found in the design. A crown sits atop the egg.

Can you see the hidden Mickey here?

The hidden Mickeys we found were clear. There is one in the trees as well.

There may be a hidden Mickey in the crystals at the top of her braid as well.

Here is our video of the eggs, but keep reading for more photos!

This is the first year for a steampunk themed egg.

One of my personal favorites is the Lady and the Tramp egg, with a “spaghetti” base. Si and Am (the Siamese cats) can be found throughout the egg!

Cinderella is another highly decorated character egg, and includes Lady Tremaine, Drizella and Anastasia. Major Domo is also featured, along with Cinderella and Prince Charming.

This is a cute egg display, with houses that include “The Oswald’s” and “The Peter’s” welcome signs.

Not sure why this bunny passed out!

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are on this egg, a holdover from last year.

I believe the Sleeping Beauty egg is a holdover too.

Last year, a beautiful lamb slept on an egg. This year, a lifelike puppy with a bow holds on to a colorful egg. There is also a tired pup sleeping behind the egg – remember, these puppies are made of chocolate, likely fondant as well.

This is an unusual looking bird! MagicBands are in the nest.

There is a Hidden Mickey on one of the eggs.

The birds seem to be going to Walt Disney World, and already have their maps.

A worm crawls beneath the nest.

Ariel is in this egg.

Chocolate bunnies are displayed throughout.

Merida makes another appearance, along with her mom and brothers on this egg.

Gnomes with Mickey gnome hats stand in front of this mushroom home.

Gnome, Sweet Gnome!

Ariel holds a Dinglehopper on top of this egg, with Flounder beneath her.

Grand Diving Company.

A snarfblatt is found on the side.

Pocohantas and John Smith join Meeko and Grandmother Willow.

Some eggs have no character, this one is lovely in it’s simplicity.

This reminds me of a marble in the design.

And this egg looks almost like a wedding cake.

The lobby of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort smells wonderfully of chocolate – be sure to see this display in person if you can, by April 22nd, 2014!