Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Epcot Photo Update Includes Construction, Merchandise, Night Photos

Hi everyone!

We enjoyed a day at Epcot on Friday, which included customizing a Coke can (which ended over the weekend, but you may find it in your area this week) and taking photos around the park.

I think this was the only day recently where we didn’t have any major rain storms. It was a lovely day from start to finish!

We picked up our wristbands to share a Coke, and returned later in the afternoon.

Taking photos of Spaceship Earth never gets old, Epcot is my favorite park and there are great views from every angle.

Maybe not this angle. Currently, there is a wall up for a major issue that has to do with maybe the water main (a couple of Cast Members told us it became a sinkhole). I have photos from the monorail a little further down in the article.

What I find really interesting in that half of the flower quilt here near the Imagination pavilion has been left up, with half of it gone and no grass. The latter may be due to the water main issue, and the flower quilt left to beautify it.

I wish there was a flower quilt here all year round!

My goal at Epcot was to pick up $25 worth of gifts around World Showcase for a birthday present, it will be something I post about in a separate article (I picked up 6 items, including a maple leaf lollipop for $2.95).

I’ve written an article about the extensive Rose and Crown merchandise now in the Sportsman’s Shoppe in Epcot. A few more items have been added, including this Rose and Crown metal sign.

There are also Rose & Crown coasters.

We have also written about the Doctor Who merchandise several times over the past year. There are new mugs here in The Toy Soldier.

And jumping ahead to the France pavilion, we picked up a new Vanilla Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich at L’Artisan des Glaces. We did write about this, as well as some other fun snacks in World Showcase!

There are two different macaron ice cream sandwiches, the vanilla and chocolate ones. We prefer the chocolate, but both are delicious.

One of our favorite bargains in Epcot is the full baguette for just $2.95. It is always perfectly crispy on the outside, and chewy inside. We sometimes pick up the half baguette, that is $1.95.

Over in the American pavilion, guests can buy Rinse soap in a variety of beer flavors. This one is an Orange Blossom Pilsner.

Rinse Blue Ribbon Beer Soap.

And have you ever seen moonshine at Epcot? Firefly Moonshine from South Carolina is for sale inside Heritage Manor Gifts.

Italy is one of my favorite pavilions for photos.

Duffy the Disney Bear merchandise was being sold in a kiosk outside of the Disney Traders shop, it was moved out of Disney Traders for the duration of the World Cup (it might be back now).

There had been an Epcot Center display for quite a long time at the Art of Disney, it looks like the same display (or part of it, anyway) inside of Disney Traders.

We went to personalize Cokes for ourselves.

The line looked long, but moved very fast.

Guests could customize a Coke to keep and one to share.

Neither of us drink regular Coke, so I expect these cans will be around for a long time as souvenirs.

We made a quick trip to the Magic Kingdom for haircuts at Harmony Barber Shop and a ride on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, coming back to Epcot at sunset.

I wasn’t planning on taking photos, but I grabbed a quick one – the lights were beautiful.

And then I took a couple of the construction behind the walls. It really is quite a big area that is fenced in.

Jeff wanted to purchase Figment Comic Book #2 at Epcot.

He did find it at the Imagination pavilion – so if you can’t find it, try there!

A monorail passes by.

Even with the construction work, Spaceship Earth looks gorgeous in the background.

We headed to the Mexico pavilion, and found this Olaf engraved mug at the Arribas Brothers location.

There is also an Olaf glass sculpture. We did not see any Anna or Elsa items.

Next at Norway, we found some Frozen treats, including a Sugar Cookie and Marshmallow Olaf.

There is also a Frozen display that includes Anna, Elsa, Hans, Sven, and Kristoff.

Kristoff Bundt Cake.

Next in China, we found some fun items – including this “Panda Poop”.

Panda Peppermints.

China always looks beautiful at night!

Guests can see the Frozen Summer Fun fireworks if they stick around long enough after Illuminations. They can be seen over the America pavilion at Epcot. We have quite a few articles and videos about Frozen Summer Fun!

Back to China for another photo.

France is my favorite country to visit outside of the U.S., and looks stunning at night.

The moon broke through the clouds before we left Epcot.


We picked up a Cronut with ice cream (Croissant Doughnut a’la Mode). I prefer the version without ice cream.


Spaceship Earth.

I wish we had a lot more time to visit Epcot these days, I could be there every day and never get bored!