Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

8/16 World Showcase Merchandise Update Including Transformers; Kingdom Hearts Shirts; Hello Kitty

Hi everyone!

We had a great day at Epcot yesterday. I took some photos of our favorite World Showcase merchandise items around the countries! World Showcase always has very unique merchandise for sale.

The Canada pavilion tends to have some…cheeky merchandise, so to speak. This fun “Sorry I’m in a Meeting” pair of boxer shorts should be a great seller for the holidays!

Another pair of boxers says “Nice Putt”.

Merchandise here often is of the “bear” variety.

We made our way to the UK Twinings Tea Caddy. This Churchill’s Peter Pan themed bank holds toffee.

In Japan, Hello Kitty is ready for school with backpacks, bags, plush, mugs and more.

Hello Kitty loves nerds.

Summer still has a hold here too.

Two Kingdom Hearts t-shirts are available in different colors.

And a Super Mario Bros. backpack brings back memories!

Power Rangers masks line this display.

And kids can go to school with Transformers socks and a backpack.

More Transformers and Power Rangers items.

About a month ago, the America pavilion added Firefly Moonshine and Backwoods Moonshine.

Specialty soaps from Rinse appeared around that time as well (including beer soap), although I couldn’t find the Pabst soap yesterday.

In Germany, Werther’s Original Drizzle is in Karamell Kuche.

And in the glass shop, Duffy the Disney Bear costs $815.00.

Genie sits underneath.

Anyone who loves pandas will find a lot in China. These pandas are ready for winter.

These pandas see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

A visit to Epcot’s World Showcase always includes a visit to the shops!