Denise's Corner

Back from Europe (Including Disneyland Paris!)

Hi everyone!

Jeff and I returned a few days ago from a trip to Europe, with the bulk of our trip being at Disneyland Paris. Jeff had never been, and it was 7 1/2 years since my last trip. Halloween at Disneyland Paris was my favorite Halloween ever!

I am still going to be playing catch-up on articles of events we sent correspondents to over the past couple of weeks (thanks to Dave Drumheller in Orlando and Carole Mumford and BL in California for doing such great work for us!) But after that, I will be sharing articles about Disneyland Paris, including its incredible Halloween celebration. Jeff and I have already recorded a Mousesteps Weekly all about it! We also dined at Remy, Walt’s, Inventions and have so much more to talk and write about.

We did spend a couple of days in Paris (my favorite city) and 4 nights in London.

Here is our Mousesteps Weekly #120 to watch, followed by some photos – and I will start posting articles in a couple of days about Disneyland Paris!

Seeing the photos and video make me want to still be there! We loved Halloween at Disneyland Paris.