Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Downtown Disney Photo Update – November 3rd, 2014: Disney Springs Changes; New Merchandise; First Holiday Decorations

Hi everyone!

We had the opportunity to see “Big Hero 6” as part of the Disney Parks Blog meet on Sunday, and then we spent a few hours taking photos of the changes since our last visit to Downtown Disney. It has been about 6 weeks since we were last there, just before our trip to London/Paris – and things have changed a lot.

Baymax stands tall behind the House of Blues to promote “Big Hero 6” (which we do recommend).

It was a beautiful morning that started out in the 40’s.

This Orange Bird inflatable was part of the Disney Parks Blog meet.

We were able to meet Hiro and Baymax before heading off to explore Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs).

We took a boat ride one way across Downtown Disney to get a view from the water. The BOATHOUSE has progressed quite a bit. Disney posted a recent article about the BOATHOUSE, saying that it will be “an upscale, waterfront dining experience that’ll immerse guests both on land and on water with live music, guided tours aboard the Captain’s piloted 40-foot Italian Water Taxi with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries and guided Amphicar rides that launch from land, enter the water, and take guests on a 20-minute tour of the landmarks of Disney Springs”

Here is a look in what will be The Landing (which will be where Pleasure Island is).

Here are some more views of the BOATHOUSE and into The Landing.

There is a bridge still under construction that will save guests a few minute walk at what is currently the Downtown Disney Marketplace. Here are a handful of photos of it.

We stopped for lunch at the Earl of Sandwich. They not only have the year-round Holiday Sandwich, but we picked up a seasonal Peppermint Brownie (delicious!) Guests can use their AAA card here, though the discount went down from 15% to 10% a couple of months or so ago.

Christmas is arriving to Downtown Disney, with a sleigh outside of Disney’s Days of Christmas shop.

Snowflakes have also been added out here.

“Frozen” has cast a spell property-wide, including at the Disney’s Days of Christmas store.

Banners are outside this door at the shop, with a full “Frozen” section, where it used to be themed after “Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Anna and Elsa on the Disney “Frozen” banners outside.


Holiday plants sit outside.

This is the view from one entrance to the “Frozen” section of Disney’s Days of Christmas.

Elsa dressed mannequin.

Anna dressed mannequin.

There aren’t many new items yet for the season – I’m hoping some of the merchandise we saw at Disneyland Paris (like a holiday Sven and holiday Olaf) come here. These are very small stocking-stuffer sized Olaf plush dolls we found yesterday.

“Frozen” is featured around the room.

Outside of the “Frozen” section, other new Christmas merchandise is appearing. I like this Mickey Mouse display that prevents drafts in windows or doors.

Figment offers a gift!

Even if you aren’t buying anything, there are some nice murals around the store – including the Seven Dwarfs getting ready for Christmas.

We stopped at the Marketplace Co-op, which had the trashcan salt/pepper shakers again. Jeff had been waiting for them to return to stock.

In the World of Disney, this Darth Vader Christmas shirt is sure to be a hit. This is the second year that Disney has offered t-shirts that have the look of a sweater.

Mickey Mouse as Santa on this shirt.

Mickey as Santa on another t-shirt with the traditional look of a sweater.

The last t-shirt sweater design includes Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald.

I love Disney nightshirts, and this Mickey Mouse “Let the Yuletide Shenanigans Begin” is a fun one.

Darth Vader shirt.

Nightmare Before Christmas.

Grumpy “Ho, Ho, No”. He sounds like Grumpy Cat!

At Starbucks, it is time for the holidays to begin! Gingerbread Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and Caramel Brulee Frapuccino drinks are available.

Ghirardelli is now decked out for Christmas, including holiday gifts and garland.

Ghirardelli has been handing out the new Minis for many months, and now they have Peppermint Bark Square samples.

The Rainforest Volcano has had work going on for weeks.

Heading across Downtown Disney, Characters in Flight can be seen.

Signs give information about what is here now, and what is to come.

The BOATHOUSE from the back, along with artwork.

Waterfront dining sign for the BOATHOUSE.

There is a new seating area where guests will be able to listen to music at times. It is really nicely done. This area of Downtown Disney is really shaping up beautifully.

Another view of this location, with Characters in Flight in view.

Concept art shares what this area will look like with a concert.

This is a look at the walk toward the Downtown Disney West Side.

The Walkway to the Marketplace sign has the fountain with Santa Mickey.

Big Hero 6 merchandise is being sold at some vendor carts.

And at D-Street, Christmas Vinylmations have appeared – Mickey and Minnie, then Duffy the Disney Bear.

Food trucks are still coming in the fall! There isn’t much time left for that. Food Truck Park has been delayed for months.

We left as the sun was starting to set on Baymax. The moon was above him, and Characters in Flight lifting off in the distance.

Downtown Disney is moving quickly toward Disney Springs, it won’t seem like much time at all until the BOATHOUSE opens and other restaurants and shops as well. There is always something new here now!