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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Opens Kids Water Play Area (Splash Pad)

Hi everyone!

The children’s water play area has opened at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. We posted a few weeks ago about the Silver Creek Springs Pool being back open with a fence, but the water play area/splash pad was still being constructed. Here are some photos and video from yesterday.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge was still decorated for the holidays, with a giant wreath outside. I can’t remember a year it wasn’t here.

The splash pad is at the back of the Silver Creek Springs Pool. It is for children 48 inches and younger.

We thought perhaps there would be a Disney character or two added (like at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort), but it is still nicely themed with bears, fish, at least one beaver and “logs”. Of course, there is a bucket that drops large quantities of water every minute or so.

Two small slides allow for some gentle fun for the little ones.

Artwork shows bears and fish.

We noticed two animal shaped heads that squirt water – one is a beaver, the other a bear.

“Logs” underneath a slide.

Here is our video tour of the Silver Creek Springs Pool and children’s water play area. It includes the Fire Rock Geyser and Trout Pass Pool Bar, and shows what area is fenced in.


At some angles, the water play area blends into the background.

The bucket dumps water.

This is the view for guests walking toward the Magic Kingdom and resort boats.

The plants around the fence have grown in some.

The Fire Rock Geyser erupted while we were there. It has long been one of my favorite features of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Guests can visit the Trout Pass Pool Bar outside of the fenced pool, and enjoy the geyser.

Looking down at the new water play area.

The “bear face” is being worked on at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

One of my favorite views at Walt Disney World, Silver Creek Falls with the lodge building behind it.

The Silver Creek Springs Pool is now completely finished and in use.